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AIMEROSE is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog created and maintained by a young lady by the name of Rasa. Hailing from Lithuania, Rasa started her blog in high school, focusing on fashion and photography, her two biggest passions at the time which still remain a huge part of her life. She’d been reading blogs on the subjects for ages, and finally decided she needed her own as a creative outlet, and thus, AIMEROSE was born. The blog has since grown from those humble roots into a style, beauty, and travel blog chronicling daily outfits, memoirs, and pretty much anything a beauty and lifestyle blog junkie could dream of.

Rasa recently wrote in her blog about OROGOLD products in her article “How to Brighten a Dull Complexion,” in which she explains her use of OROGOLD’s 24k Bio-Brightening Complex Peeling, 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer, 24k Bio-Brightening Dark Circle Solution, 24k Bio-Brightening Pigment Mask, and finally, the 24k Bio-Brightening Dark Spot Solution in her skincare rituals. She talks about how to use the products most effectively, and what she thinks of them.

Rasa found the entire collection much to her liking, and is especially enthusiastic about the 24k Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer, with vitamin E, aloe, green tea extract, and gold, feeling that it, along with the 24k Bio-Brightening Dark Circle Solution, brighten the appearance of her skin, in addition to working hard to correct the look of discolorations and give her appearance a vibrant, youthful glow.

The OROGOLD 24k Bio-Brightening Collection is a fantastic choice for anyone with concerns about hyper-pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes, age spots, or any skin discoloration or unevenness in skin tone at all. Every product in the collection is designed to work together to even out the appearance of your skin tone.

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If you like glamorous but down to earth viewpoints when it comes to beauty, makeup, and fashion, you’re bound to like Aimerose, personal beauty blog of passionate photographer and fashion enthusiast Rasa. From a young age, Rasa followed lots of blogs and wishing she could have her own. Now, she does, and she shares all of her personal style, beauty, and travel adventures, detailing everything from daily outfit coordination to exciting vacations to all manner of beauty secrets, and much more.

Rasa also happens to be a satisfied user of OROGOLD products, about which she writes in one of her blog entries. She describes an encounter with an OROGOLD sales rep in Los Angeles, and how impressed she was with the product sample she got. While she didn’t purchase anything that day, she remembered how luxurious it felt and looked into it some time later. She’s quite impressed and especially enthusiastic about the 24k Vitamin C Mask, which is sweet smelling and luxurious. It left Rasa with bright and radiant looking, fresh and oh so soft feeling skin like nothing else.

She’s also in love with the 24k Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum, and that’s probably an understatement. Not only did her skin feel ridiculously soft and nourished after a use, she found it pleasantly warmed her face and smelled amazing. She also finds the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream pretty rave-worthy in its own right, being rich, creamy, soft, delicately sweet-scented and very moisturizing.

All in all, Rasa’s definitely thoroughly impressed with OROGOLD, and it shows in the glowing way she writes this enthusiastic blog entry.


AIMEROSE recommends the OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Collection

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AIMEROSE is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog created and maintained by a young lady by the name of Rasa. Hailing from Lithuania, Rasa...




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