A Piece of Elise Reviews the OROGOLD 24k Nano Collection

A Piece of Elise reviews the OROGOLD 24k Nano Collection

A Piece of Elise is the personal blog and creative outlet of the Eponymous Elise, a Victoria, Canada native who, at age 18, left home on an adventure halfway across the world. This formative experience took her to Bangkok for five years, where she transformed from a naïve teenager to an adult with a healthy respect for the vastness of the world, and how little she really knew about it.

Once she graduated with a degree in marketing, she came back home to Canada to be near her family and to start her own business selling silk lounge-wear. A Piece of Elise is a creative outlet into which she channels her fashion obsession into something productive. You’ll find all kinds of content there, written in a very approachable style, on everything from skincare to makeup to travel and, of course, fashion.

Recently, Elise had the opportunity to try out some OROGOLD products, and wrote a blog post in A Piece of Elise all about her experience with them. Specifically, she tried out the 24k Nano Collection, which comprises the 24k Nano Hydra-Silk Mask, 24k Nano Day Recovery, 24k Nano Night Recovery, and the 24k Nano Ultra Silk Serum. 

Elise loved all of the products, saying she’s found some new favorites and intends to work them into her usual routine alongside other favorites. She described the chance to use the products as an “exciting skincare adventure,” and that they significantly reduced the look of inflammation and redness on her skin, two problems she struggles with. They did that in just two weeks, and Elise is excited to see what more they can do, given time.