Alicia Tenise Reviews the OROGOLD 24k White Gold Collection

Alicia Tenise reviews the OROGOLD 24k White Gold Collection

Alicia Tenise Chew is a marketing professional, dance enthusiast, road trip junkie, music lover, foodie, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. She has a fun and energetic style that shines through in her outfits and mirrors the lively, personal writing style in her blog entries.

Recently, Alicia partnered with OROGOLD to try out and review the 24k White Gold Collection, and she was absolutely hooked after she tried it. The 24k White Gold Collection comprises the 24k Classic Hand and Body Cream, 24k Classic Body Butter, 24k Classic Body Scrub, 24k Mousse Cleanser, 24k Purifying Toner, 24k Aromatherapy Body Oil, and the 24k Deep Moisturizer. Because the collection includes products for body skin as well as facial skin, it’s a great way to make sure your skin is pampered from head to toe, and the aromatherapy body oil is quite a treat for your sense of smell.

Alicia says she’s been needing to re-think her skincare routine and mix it up for the encroaching winter season, and she loves this collection from OROGOLD not only for herself, but as a gift idea for friends and family as well.