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The Beauty Junkee is a fun, flirty, and girly blog about skincare, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, by a inspired young lady named Martha. Martha uses her blog to share her thoughts about anything and everything that amuses her, interests her, and especially things that inspire her, which include but are not limited to: “love, art, food, dogs, fashion, make-up, skin care, perfumes, and inner beauty,” as Martha herself put it in her own “about” section of her blog. Martha is a make-up enthusiast, artist, blogger, PR Consultant, and a pet mommy to a gorgeous golden retriever named Denver.

This January, getting ready for Valentine’s Day extra early, Martha wrote about OROGOLD’s promotional His and Hers set, which features the 24k Sir Syringe De-Liner and the 24k DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution. These are both non-surgical syringes which allow you to apply a tightening, wrinkle-appearance-bettering serum formula right to your problem areas. These products make a great alternative to more drastic measures such as fillers or surgery.

Martha was quite happy with the limited edition His and Hers set, and highly recommended the set as a great valentine’s day gift both for yourself (you deserve to treat yourself!) and your partner (they deserve just as much pampering as you!). Thanks for considering the OROGOLD His and Hers set a great Valentine’s Day gift, Martha!

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Heidi Uy is a self-titled blog by a gorgeous young woman of the same name. Heidi’s a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, a foodie, a founder of an Image Consulting Design Workshop, and Educator, a Resource Speaker, Wife, and Mother. This woman of many hats has a discerning eye for art of all kinds, not least of which being beauty and fashion, and after taking a course in Fashion Designing, Heidi’s raw, unbridled passion has been happily married with the education and know-how to apply that passion.

This February, Heidi wrote all about a recent experience with OROGOLD cosmetics. Specifically, she wrote about the limited time His and Hers promotional set. This set is a great gift for both yourself and your significant other, assuming you’re a straight couple. If not, no matter, all OROGOLD products can be used on skin of any gender to great effect.

Either way, this promotional offer allowed you to get the 24k Sir Syringe De-Liner and the DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution together in a special box set. The Sir Syringe De-Liner is a special product designed for the modern, active man, which helps greatly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And the DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution is basically the same thing, formulated for the modern woman, which helps to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines with a lightweight, but effective solution. Consider trying either or both of these two non-surgical syringes as a potential alternative to fillers or surgery.

Heidi was quite excited about this offer, and felt it would make the perfect gift for just about every couple on Valentine’s day, because it allows you to give yourself the luxurious gift you deserve, and give your significant other a gift just as fantastic and effective.

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Inside Makeup Beauty is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog with a somewhat enigmatic author named Yasmin. Enigmatic, because this gorgeous young woman is pictured on her blog plenty, but no “about me” section can be found on her blog, other than a brief message at the end of her posts, saying she’s a twenty-four year old mother of two lovely children. Regardless, she certainly seems to know her way around a beauty blog, and has a fun, personal writing style to boot.

Last October, Yasmin wrote a blog article all about her experience with OROGOLD cosmetics. Specifically, she tried out the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, 24k Purifying Toner, and 24k Classic Body Butter.

Yasmin enjoyed trying all of the products and only had good things to say. She struggles with sensitive skin prone to bad reactions to many skincare products, so she was very pleased when the OROGOLD products didn’t cause a negative reaction at all.

Yasmin loves the silky texture and gentle yet powerful cleansing ability of the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, and got immediate results after using it. As for the 24k Purifying Toner, she was impressed by the elegant design of the bottle, and the convenience of the spray nozzle. She felt it did a good job of prepping the skin for a flawless finish, with or without makeup. Finally, she loved the 24k Classic Body Butter, saying that while it appears thick and heavy, it absorbs quickly and feels very lightweight, yet it hydrates very well. She also appreciated the addition of ingredient like chamomile, which helps prevent inflammation on sensitive skin.

Overall, Yasmin loves all the OROGOLD products she’s tried and highly recommends the brand.

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Mikki Galang is a creative, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful Filipino transgender woman and beauty blogger with a blog alternately referred to as BREAK MY SPELL or simply using her own name as the blog title. For the past four years, Mikki has used the blog to express her thoughts on a variety of subject, paying particular attention to beauty and fashion, as Mikki has been fascinated by the transformative power of makeup since she was a little girl. Mikki is a strong, assertive woman who isn’t afraid to admit she has plenty of issues to deal with. True strength means owning up to your demons and getting up every day and doing the best that you can in spite of them, and Mikki definitely has that admirable quality.

Last October, Mikki had a luxurious experience getting a facial treatment in the OROGOLD location in Robinsons Ermita. She got a personal consultation to determine what products would be the best for her skin in, and the OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection was selected for her. After being whisked away to the opulent VIP room, Mikki got to sample several products, and she was treated with the 24k Gold Mask Regimen. Afterward, she said her skin was instantly transformed from dry and scratchy to glowing and incredibly smooth and soft.

Mikki took the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser and 24k Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum home with her, and has been quite impressed with the results, saying they smell great, and leave the skin clean, refreshed, and soft. Overall, she definitely recommends the OROGOLD brand to her readers and anyone else who wants quality skincare.

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Shades of Syle, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog with the domain name, is the brainchild and pet project of a glamorous professional blogger and Social Media Specialist who goes by Rhea Bue, who started quite small, with a tiny budget compared to many other fashion bloggers. Rhea firmly believes you don’t need to be able to afford fancy brand names or have the influence that comes from working with or for big brand companies in order to be a successful fashion blogger, you just need passion and creativity. A very admirable attitude indeed. Rhea also credits the kind and helpful friends she made online for her success.

Last July, Rhea experienced a luxurious facial at the OROGOLD location in Century City’s mall. She was quite pleased with how the staff treated her even as she waited for the facial, and she loved that she was free to wander and try product samples while waiting. Once she was actually taken to the back room to receive her treatment, she greatly appreciated how every ingredient used on her face was explained to her—this made her quite at ease as she didn’t have to worry about unknown substances being put on her face.

Rhea quite enjoyed the facial itself, saying the Vitamin C Cleanser felt refreshing and smelled great. She also enjoyed the Collagen Seaweed Mask and the Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum. Overall, Rhea said the facial was so effective, she didn’t even feel the need to put on makeup afterward.

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Michelle Martinez is a beautiful woman with a cheerful disposition, a hands-on mom to her little girl, and a passionate blogger when she finds the time during her daughter’s naps. She’s an enthusiast in the realms of travel, food, beauty, fashion, and most of all, family, all of which (and more!) she writes about on her blog, Mrs. Martinez.

Last June, Michelle wrote all about a recent experience with OROGOLD cosmetics. Specifically, she had been trying out OROGOLD’s 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser and 24k Deep Day Moisturizing Cream. The 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is all about leveraging the power of vitamin C to help lighten and even out the complexion, helping to correct dark spots, all while cleaning away all the nasty dirt, makeup and other gunk that gets on the face throughout the day. The 24k Deep Day Moisturizing Cream is specially crafted with potent ingredients like sunflower oil and gold, among others, to deliver an intense dose of moisture that lasts all day and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy.

Michelle seemed quite pleased with both products, saying the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser does a fantastic job of removing oil, makeup, and dirt on the face, and that the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer helped her skin feel fresh and revitalized while helping to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Overall, she highly recommended OROGOLD to her readers.

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Maxine Marcelo is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog presumably by an author of the same name. We say, “presumably,” because Maxine doesn’t actually seem to have any “about me” information. Granted, she has an “about me” section, but it contains mainly Lorem Ipsum filler text. Nevertheless, from a quick poke around the blog, it’s clear Maxine is very passionate about makeup, and she has a friendly, personal writing style that’s quite easy to read.

Last June, Maxine wrote all about her recent experiences with OROGOLD cosmetics products. She’d heard about OROGOLD before but had always been nervous to take the plunge because of the price point, making the opportunity to try out the products to see if they’re worth the price tag a most welcome opportunity. Maxine was given the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, 24k Deep Renewal Night Cream, 24k Golden Body Butter, and 24k Purifying Facial Toner.

Maxine had positive things to say about all of the products she tried. First off, she claimed the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser left her skin hydrated and refreshed, and free of dirt and oil. In fact, Maxine has struggled with a bumpy, rough, dry area of skin near her nose that doesn’t seem to go away no matter what she does, but after using the cleanser for a month, the bumps disappeared!

As for the other products, she found the Purifying Facial Toner also did a great job removing extra dirt that the cleanser didn’t get, and the Deep Renewal Night Cream she found to be rich-feeling without being sticky or heavy. Finally, she loved the lightweight yet super moisturizing effect of the OROGOLD Body Butter. Overall, she went from being afraid to try OROGOLD due to the price point, to feeling they were actually worth it because of the definite results they delivered.

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The Beauty Junkee is a blog written by a dazzling lady named Martha, who seeks to inspire and enrich her readers’ lives by sharing her thoughts on life, love, art, food, dogs, fashion, make-up, skin care, perfumes, and the idea of inner beauty. She hopes that her tips and inspirations will inspire and empower women to be the best version of themselves they can be. Through makeup and fashion, Martha hopes to help everyone let their natural inner beauty shine through by bolstering confidence and self-esteem. Martha is a proud pet parent to a gorgeous golden retriever, a loving daughter, a blogger, a PR Consultant, and enjoys hobbies such as reading and singing.

Last March, Martha had the opportunity to try out OROGOLD cosmetics for the first time, a brand she’d seen many times before and been interested in, but never got around to actually trying. Martha was quite excited to finally try out this luxurious skin care brand, and received a collection specially curated for her skin’s needs. Martha received the OROGOLD Oil Control Cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, Daily Essentials 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream, and the Daily Essentials 24k Deep Renewal Night Cream.

Martha couldn’t wait to try out all the luxurious skin care products that she received and was impressed that she was able to complete a skin care assessment to create her personally curated collection, meant to deliver exactly what her skin needs.

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Joei and Me is a travel and food blog with a splash of beauty-related articles as well as just about any random thing the another, Joei, happens to feel like sharing. Joei is a full-time lawyer and a fashion and travel blogger in her off time. She chose the name Joei and Me for her blog because she wants her readers to feel like her personal buddies, and imagine themselves right there with Joei on all her fantastic food and travel adventures. She started her blog as more of an online diary for her personal thoughts and feelings, but later decided she wanted it to evolve into a passionate travel and food blog without too much in the way of personal information (being cyber-stalked or having anyone with an internet connection be able to know your deepest, darkest secrets is pretty scary!)

Last August, Joei had the opportunity to visit an OROGOLD store location in the Philippines. She was impressed right away by the opulent white and gold interior of the store. It only got better from there, as when she was ready for her facial, Joei was escorted to the VIP room, which was covered in gold wallpaper and felt like an incredibly luxurious spa room.

The facial itself went great, and Joei was quite pleased with how they named and explained every product being used on her face so she knew exactly what was going on the whole time, and that they took her sensitive skin and skin allergies into account and managed to avoid any allergic reactions at all. Joei was quite satisfied with the whole experience and said that her face was noticeably softer feeling after the treatment.

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Mrs. Martinez is the name of a personal beauty, fashion, lifestyle and special interests blog written by Mrs. Michelle Martinez. Michelle is a loving mother to a beautiful daughter and posts to her blog when her princess is napping. She uses her blog to share things that inspire her to anyone around the world who cares to listen.

This Father’s Day, Michelle wrote a blog entry entirely dedicated to her loving father, whom she credits as a strong influence in her life, a role model, and confidant who she still sometimes comes to for advice to this day. She posted a loving letter she wrote a few years ago to her father, which summed up beautifully the value of affectionate and hands-on parenting—something Michelle does her very best to emulate with her own daughter.

Michelle also wrote about how she gave her father the gift of golden skincare this year, in the form of OROGOLD Cosmetics 24k Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer. The 24k Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer is all about restoring moisture to the face without feeling heavy or greasy and helping to correct for over-dryness that can be caused by routines like shaving, as well as exposure to everyday life. Michelle’s wonderful father was quite surprised by the gift, as he was not expecting to receive gold for father’s day—let alone gold-infused skincare—but he definitely seemed to appreciate the gift, as he gave Michelle a great big hug as thanks for thinking of him.


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The Beauty Junkee is a blog written by a dazzling lady named Martha, who seeks to inspire and enrich her readers' lives by sharing...