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With or Without Shoes reviews 24K Collagen Collection products from OROGOLD,

With or Without Shoes is a personal blog run by Veronica, a fashion blogger who loves sharing her passion for all things to do with beauty and fashion using this blog. This is where you can find everything about Veronica’s wardrobe, her favorite products, personal style and style inspirations. Famous for her obsession of leather pieces, specialty shoes, accessories and long hair, Veronica has already helped thousands of women around Spain discover their passion for fashion.

In an article titled “Orogold Cosmetics, La Marca De Cuidado Facial Favorita De Las Celebrities”, Veronica introduces her readers to OROGOLD Cosmetics and our 24K Collagen Collection. She defines our brand as a rage among Hollywood celebrities and talks about how gold has been used in the world of skin care since antiquity.

The first product that Veronica reviews is the 24K Collagen and Caviar Mask. She describes the mask one that is designed for weekly use and helps to restore skin volume and provide freshness to the skin. She says that the mask is very easy to use and it leaves the skin feeling juicy.

The next product that reviewed by Veronica is the 24K Collagen Renewal Serum. She describes the product as a serum for daily use that restores facial skin volume and reduces visibility of cracks and fine lines and confesses that she is in love with its gel texture.

The third product reviewed is the 24K Collagen Renewal Cream. Veronica describes this cream as an everyday moisturizer that contains gold, vitamin C and beta glucan which is light green in color and fairly consistent. She particularly loved the smell and says that the cream felt very soft and delicious. Veronica also reviews the 24K Collagen Night Renewal Cream. She says that this night cream has a soft texture and it leaves the skin feeling silky.

OROGOLD Cosmetics would like to thank Veronica for this delightful review of our 24K Collagen Collection on her blog. All four products of our Collagen Collection have been designed to complement each other and usually offer the best results when used together .

Veronica confesses that has been using our products for 2 weeks and says that her skin feels better looking, more juicy and hydrated. We hope that these products inspire similar results in your skin care regimen.

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Racquel Natasha enjoying the OROGOLD VIP Facial.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Racquel Natasha has emerged as one of the top experts on the world of fashion and a dependable authority on everything to do with style. Her unique tidbits and fashion insights have gained her many followers and her refreshing posts makes people want to come back and learn more about the world of fashion. Racquel brings a creative edge into everything she writes about, and this is why her website is considered to be a go-to destination for anything to do with fashion, beauty, skin care and lifestyle.

In a recent post titled “Pampered by OROGOLD”, Racquel talks about how important it is for a woman to take care of her skin, particularly during the sweaty summer months. She presents OROGOLD Cosmetics as a luxury anti-aging skin care brand which has more than 10 unique collections for all types of skin and is spread in more than 17 countries.

Another reason why Racquel has become is the photographs that can be seen on her website. Each photo presented on her website looks like a work of art and those photos showing OROGOLD products in an entirely new light are no different. Each one promises insights into the opulent journey that awaits you at the OROGOLD Cosmetics store and truly highlights what makes our products so special.

Racquel also writes that she was very impressed by the OROGOLD VIP facial. Our resident experts had recommended Racquel the CyrogeniC facial, and she confesses that she was completely bowled over by our 24K CyrogeniC Liquefying Pearl, one of the products that became a part of the VIP facial. OROGOLD VIP Facials use signature OROGOLD products and specialized facial treatments and services to deliver an unparalleled sense of luxury and ensure that you leave our store with a golden smile on your face.

Racquel goes on to state that OROGOLD products are worth every single penny. We hope that our products continue to create an impression on Racquel’s day-to-day skin care regimen and help her to maintain her beautiful glow.

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STYLEBK presents OROGOLD Cosmetics.

STYLEBK is a go-to destination for style hunters searching for daily inspirations on how to perfect their own style. Emily Highfield, founder and editor of STYLEBK, has been involved with the fashion industry ever since 2006 and has already worked with a number of major Australian fashion brands such as White Suede, Yeojin Bae and Witchery. Emily has been the driving force behind STYLEBK and has seen her self-managed blog grow into a family of creatives, fashion contributors and photographers who have already collaborated with brands such as Avelon, Karl Lagerfeld, Napoleon, Perdis, The Iconic and Ginger & Smart.

In an article titled “24 Carat”, Emily and her team investigate the role played by 24 carat gold in the beauty industry. Emily states that pure gold has been associated with medicinal practices and beauty since the ancient times and that pure nanoparticles of gold have also been used for experimental cancer treatments and arthritis treatments. To examine the role of gold in one’s skin care regimen, they decided to try out a few OROGOLD products – the 24K 2-Step Cleansing Kit, the 24K Deep Day Moisturiser Cream and the 24K Cell Renewal Night Cream.

Emily found OROGOLD products to be extremely luxurious as one notices luxury straight away, right from the luxurious feel of each product to the opulent packaging. She described the 24K Gold Milk Cleanser as a product that has a beautiful milky consistency and evokes thoughts of Ancient Greeks bathing in pure milk. She recommends the cleanser for people with sensitive skin and describes it as a product that cleanses the face and dissolves makeup, while moisturizing the skin and leaving it feeling soft and supple.

She continues her review with the 24K Deep Day Moisturiser Cream and the 24K Cell Renewal Night Cream, both of which are described as “stunning”. Emily finds both products to feel creamy, rich and luxurious and says that the one can feel the skin soaking up all that goodness to regain its silky-soft touch.

Emily completes her OROGOLD review by stating that after a week of using all three products, she found a noticeable difference in the way her skin looked and felt. She described her skin as soft to touch, plump and rosy, and states that the luxe consistency of the products and the level of hydration they leave the skin with actually stood out.

OROGOLD Cosmetics is delighted that STYLEBK focused their energies on our signature ingredient – 24K gold – and are happy to hear that our products have created a positive impression on Emily and her group. And for all skin enthusiasts in Australia, our OROGOLD Stores in Australia – one in Perth and the other in Sydney – are always excited to offer complimentary product demonstrations. Log onto for more information on OROGOLD stores.


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