The Beauty Junkee Reviews OROGOLD’s His and Hers Set

Product Reviews

The Beauty Junkee is a fun, flirty, and girly blog about skincare, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, by a inspired young lady named Martha. Martha uses her blog to share her thoughts about anything and everything that amuses her, interests her, and especially things that inspire her, which include but are not limited to: “love, art, food, dogs, fashion, make-up, skin care, perfumes, and inner beauty,” as Martha herself put it in her own “about” section of her blog. Martha is a make-up enthusiast, artist, blogger, PR Consultant, and a pet mommy to a gorgeous golden retriever named Denver.

This January, getting ready for Valentine’s Day extra early, Martha wrote about OROGOLD’s promotional His and Hers set, which features the 24k Sir Syringe De-Liner and the 24k DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution. These are both non-surgical syringes which allow you to apply a tightening, wrinkle-appearance-bettering serum formula right to your problem areas. These products make a great alternative to more drastic measures such as fillers or surgery.

Martha was quite happy with the limited edition His and Hers set, and highly recommended the set as a great valentine’s day gift both for yourself (you deserve to treat yourself!) and your partner (they deserve just as much pampering as you!). Thanks for considering the OROGOLD His and Hers set a great Valentine’s Day gift, Martha!