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Krystal Bennett is a blogger cum graphic designer based out of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Krystal recently featured the OROGOLD 24K Nano Collection in her blog “A Pinch of Lovely”. Krystal found the product packaging to be gorgeous and the products themselves to be pretty cool. Her favorite product from the OROGOLD Nano Collection is the Nano Ultra Silk Serum. Find out more about what Krystal has to say about the 24K Nano Collection here.

0 5 is one of the topmost online communities for anyone associated with the beauty industry. This iconic beauty website proves to be the ultimate resource guide for anyone looking for facts, not fiction, about all things to do with beauty. talks about Oro Gold’s 24K Vitamin C Facial Booster Serum and the Deep Day Moisturizer Cream and shows you how to best use these products here. Stay tuned to learn more about how to soothe skin irritation with OROGOLD.

Luisa, the author of Peaches to Pearls, takes her readers on a journey which helps them learn more about shopping on a student budget, eating their way through Atlanta and nutrition. Luisa also reviews products that excite her from time to time on this unique blog. In an article titled Dreaming of Gold, Luisa talks about the 3 important things that can slow down aging and how products from OROGOLD Cosmetics can help out. She terms the ORO GOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Peeling as her favorite product. Find out more about Luisa’s tips for slowing down aging here.

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Kendra is a makeup and beauty addict who finds being normal overrated. Known for her chatty style and friendly posts, Kendra recently graced OROGOLD with a review of the OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. Kendra felt like Kim Kardashian holding this luxurious OROGOLD product and described her experience with the cleanser as one which left her skin feeling refreshed and extremely spoiled. To read how the OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Cleanser transformed Kendra’s skin care routine, click here.

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Itslacour’s Beauty Blog is a popular blog run by Nicole, a part time model and a full time Fashion Management student in London, UK. Nicole reviews some of the most exciting beauty and skin care products every Tuesday, one of which happened to be the OROGOLD 24K Moisturizing Day Cream. Nicole states that this OROGOLD moisturizer “melts on skin contact” and also helps in making “those tiny dry areas disappear without making your skin feel oily”. Find out what Nicole thinks about this exciting ORO GOLD product here.

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Ashleigh, the author of Obsessive Mommy, is a mom of 5 who lives in Surprise, Arizona. Obsessive Mommy is the ideal place to get access to top 10 lists, interesting reviews and exciting giveaways on all things to do with beauty and fashion. Ashleigh featured ORO GOLD Cosmetics in one of her posts and spoke about the top 10 trending products from OROGOLD Cosmetics. Find out more about Ashleigh’s favorite OROGOLD products here.

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Leading Lady Makeup offers you with tremendous insights into all things to do with beauty and fashion. This blog became popular among its readers because of its rich insights, trendy tips and excellent product reviews. The author terms the Eye Cream from ORO GOLD as her favorite product and also reviews the Eye Serum, Body Butter, Body Scrub and the Day Moisturizer here.

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Savvy Savings Couple is a popular blog run by Amy and Jared. This exciting blog talks about all sorts of fields and offers readers stimulating insights on a variety of topics. Amy, a popular skin care junkie, simply cannot resist reviewing a beauty and skin care product and her post on OROGOLD Cosmetics shows how knowledgeable she is when it comes to matters of beauty and skin care. Read on to find out why Amy gave OROGOLD products 8/10 stars.

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Sara Alexander calls Red She Said her home and uses this blog to talk about her insights on things like clothes, hair care, fitness and makeup. She loves it when readers tune in to her randomness and she is famous for writing about things she loves the most. Sara recently professed her love for the OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling and states that she has been using it for more than a month and is completely in love with it. To see Sara praising the OROGOLD 24K Deep  Peeling to every last drop, click here.


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