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Alicia Tenise reviews the OROGOLD 24k White Gold Collection

Alicia Tenise Chew is a marketing professional, dance enthusiast, road trip junkie, music lover, foodie, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. She has a fun and energetic style that shines through in her outfits and mirrors the lively, personal writing style in her blog entries.

Recently, Alicia partnered with OROGOLD to try out and review the 24k White Gold Collection, and she was absolutely hooked after she tried it. The 24k White Gold Collection comprises the 24k Classic Hand and Body Cream, 24k Classic Body Butter, 24k Classic Body Scrub, 24k Mousse Cleanser, 24k Purifying Toner, 24k Aromatherapy Body Oil, and the 24k Deep Moisturizer. Because the collection includes products for body skin as well as facial skin, it’s a great way to make sure your skin is pampered from head to toe, and the aromatherapy body oil is quite a treat for your sense of smell.

Alicia says she’s been needing to re-think her skincare routine and mix it up for the encroaching winter season, and she loves this collection from OROGOLD not only for herself, but as a gift idea for friends and family as well.

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Inside Makeup Beauty reviews OROGOLD Cosmetics

Inside Makeup Beauty is the personal beauty blog of the talented, gorgeous Yasmin, a beauty blogger, photography enthusiast, and mother of two. She’s got a presence on her wordpress blog as well as twitter and Instagram, and she writes on just about anything related to fashion, beauty, makeup, skincare, and the like.

Recently, Yasmin wrote an enthusiastic article about OROGOLD Cosmetics and her experience with several products from the brand. She introduces her readers to various OROGOLD collections, and focuses her review on the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, 24k Purifying Toner, and the 24k Classic Body Butter, giving in-depth information on each product and describing her own thoughts based on her experience with the product.

Yasmin happily found that her skin—which is very sensitive and has allergies to many skincare products—was not at all allergic to any of these three products. She loved using the 24k Vitamin C Cleanser and felt that it was very easy to use and glided effortlessly onto the skin. She found that her skin felt much clearer afterwards and also says that the 24k Purifying Toner was very effective at prepping her skin for the rest of her routine and leaving a smooth, silky finish. Finally, she absolutely loved the 24k Classic Body Butter, finding it left her skin feeling flawlessly smooth and soft.

Overall, Yasmin had a very positive experience with OROGOLD and loved the opportunity to try such luxurious skincare products.

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Heidi Uy talks about her experience with OROGOLD Cosmetics.

Heidi Uy is a busy woman of many hats. Educator, Image consultant, Resource Speaker, Lifestyle, Beauty, and Fashion Blogger, and the founder of HU Studio. As if that weren’t enough, Heidi’s firm belief in lifelong learning has driven her to pursue journalism, modeling, and acting as well, always expanding her repertoire of skills, interests, and abilities. An avid foodie as well, you’ll find that Heidi’s blog contains a great deal of diverse content, with sections for fashion, parenting, travel, food, and social responsibility.

Heidi recently wrote about her experience at an OROGOLD boutique. She’d already been introduced to OROGOLD before this experience, specifically the 24k Hand and Body Lotion, which she received a sample of in a mall and just loved the texture of. Naturally, she was quite excited to get another opportunity to experience OROGOLD again. 

During her session, the 24k Vitamin C Cleanser, 24k Purifying Toner, 24k Cryogenic Diamond Gommage, 24k Bio Brightening Complex Peeling, Cryogenic Diamond Mask, 24k Collagen Deep Tissue Rejuvenating Mask, 24k Cryogenic Contour Eye firming, and 24k Cryogenic Restoration Cream were all used on her skin. She was incredibly pleased with the results, feeling very relaxed and pampered during and after the procedure. She closed the article with a hearty endorsement of OROGOLD Cosmetics and by reminding her readers that you’re never too young to start a good skincare regimen.

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Mikki Galang reviews the OROGOLD Robinsons Place Store

Mikki Galang is a beautiful, fashion-savvy Filipino woman with a fierce passion for beauty and lifestyle blogging. She formerly maintained a presence on her old blog, BREAK MY SPELL on blogspot, for four years before getting her own domain and using mikkigalang.com to share her life and her passions with the world. She firmly believes in blogging about more than simply beauty and fashion, chronicling her various life struggles, accomplishments, and day-to-day living, and just about anything she finds moving or inspiring.

Recently, Mikki wrote about OROGOLD Cosmetics in an early October blog entry. She’d used OROGOLD products before, specifically the Nail Grooming Kit, and when she was browsing through the mall one particular day, she noticed an OROGOLD boutique, realizing she’d actually been seeing a lot of them in malls lately and not really registering the fact. Her curiosity got the better of her, and Mikki decided to go inside and look around.

Mikki got a consultation and a facial treatment with the 24k Vitamin C Collection. She says that she felt incredibly pampered and relaxed throughout the treatment. She even tried the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser and the 24k Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum and took home samples of both. Mikki left happy and with a fantastic impression of OROGOLD, and is likely to continue using OROGOLD Cosmetics at home.

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Joei & Me reviews the OROGOLD Philippines Store

Joei and Me is created by a talented travel and food enthusiast, blogger, and lawyer, Joei. Despite having a busy job as a lawyer, she still manages to make time for fun stuff like her blog. She primarily writes about food and travel, two of her favorite things, and always seems to have a new gastronomic obsession or be planning another vacation. The reasoning behind the name for Joei’s blog is actually pretty interesting and fun. She calls it Joei and Me, with “me” referring to her readers, because she wants anyone who reads her blog to be able to feel like they’re right there with her on all her various adventures.

Despite being primarily a food and travel blogger, Joei loves to write about a whole lot of other stuff, and recently, she found herself visiting the OROGOLD Philippines Store and wrote a blog entry about her experience.

Joei felt that the OROGOLD Philippines Store was so luxurious that it positively radiated opulence and luxury. Joei mentions that she was taken into a luxurious VIP room for a facial, and every ingredient used on her during the process was clearly identified and explained to her before it was used. That, and the fact that she had filled out a form with any known medical allergies and the like, made Joei feel very safe and confident with the procedure.

Afterwards, Joei says that her skin felt noticeably softer after the treatment. She was quite happy with her overall experience at the OROGOLD Philippines Store and says that her favorite experience was with the Golden Mask. 

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Yukova Blog presents the best ways to relax after a stressful day

Yukova is a fashion and beauty blog created and maintained by Yuliya Oleynykova, who was so enthralled by fashion from a young age that she made outfits for her dolls with a toy sewing machine as a child. She also greatly enjoys travel, and thus, you’ll find a whole lot of lifestyle, travel, skincare, makeup, and fashion content on Yukova Blog.

Recently, Yuliya dedicated a post to relaxation and de-stressing after a long day. She talked about a lot of things, like taking some time to enjoy the outdoors, a hike through a wilderness trail or a relaxing afternoon or evening in a park. She also mentioned the value of taking a nice, relaxing bath, and making a nice meal for yourself. Notably, she suggested a luxurious skincare regimen, and the example she used involved five different OROGOLD products.

Yuliya discussed her use of OROGOLD’s 24k Mousse Cleanser after using a makeup remover, to clean her skin, removing anything leftover form the makeup cleanse, and purging dirt and other contaminants. After this, she likes to use the 24k Purifying Toner to get rid of any excess oil. Naturally, after this, the skin needs some pampering, and Yuliya’s go to is the 24k Deep Moisturizer, which she finds so luxurious that it makes her feel like a goddess.

Finally, she uses 24k Classic Body Scrub and 24k Aromatherapy Body Oil to clean the skin on the rest of her body. She’s incredibly satisfied with the results she sees from using OROGOLD products, and talks all about her experience in her blog. 

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Whiskey and Lace reviews OROGOLD Cosmetics 24k Collagen Collection

Whiskey and Lace is the personal fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog of Erika Altes, a fashion enthusiast living with her family in Sonoma County. The name for the blog was inspired by Erika’s tendency to host parties in lacy, girly outfits, and it started as an outlet for her creativity energy, and since then it’s evolved into a big-time fashion career. Erika loves having Whiskey and Lace as a way to share her passions like party planning, fashion, travel, and of course motherhood, in the hopes of inspiring all of her readers to be the best that they can be.

Erika recently reviewed OROGOLD Cosmetics on Whiskey and Lace. Erika mentions a weekly routine that involved several OROGOLD products. Specifically, every Monday night, Erika uses the 24k Collagen Pre-Mask, then the 24k Collagen and Seaweed Mask, applying 24k Collagen Renewal Serum once the mask is removed, then 24k Collagen Renewal Cream and 24k Collagen Renewal Lip Balm. 

Erika is quite happy with her experience with OROGOLD Cosmetics, and quite enjoys her Monday evening routine. She says OROGOLD is her preferred brand to splurge on when she has some extra cash for beauty products, and she feels that the high-end ingredients in OROGOLD products have given her a youthful and glowing complexion.

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Jessica adores the 24K Caviar Elastic Restoration

Jessica and Love is a blog maintained by Jessica, who created the blog as something to occupy her time and to make a space for people to come who feel they have nothing to wear despite having plenty of clothes. The blog functions as a journal, a lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blog, and a portfolio of inspiration. Jessica truly has a way with words, which pairs very nicely with her superb fashion sense and passion for beauty blogging, making Jessica and Love a joy to browse and read.

Jessica recently posted an entry on her blog about her experience with OROGOLD Cosmetics, and she was sold from the get-go. Jessica tried a lot of OROGOLD products, including the 24k Caviar Elastic Restoration, 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, and the 24k Purifying Facial Toner. She loved all of them at first sight, and was particularly impressed with the luxe, chic packaging of OROGOLD products. After she got through the lovely packaging, she found that the products themselves didn’t disappoint either. She noticed that every single product she tried glided easily onto her skin, softening and brightening the look of her skin.

While she was deeply enamored with each and every product she tried, Jessica’s favorite was the 24k Caviar Elastic Restoration. She loved the smell and texture of the little capsules, and found they absorbed near-instantly, with a visible, and palpable difference in the appearance of her skin.

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Lauren Australia reviews OROGOLD Products

Lauren Australia is run by Lauren who regularly blogs about food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She’s based in, as you might imagine, Australia. Sydney, Australia, to be more specific. 

Recently, Lauren posted a blog entry all about OROGOLD Cosmetics, which she’s been giving a trial run. She used the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream, 24k Cleansing Kit and 24k Deep Peeling for some time and gaged the results.

Lauren quickly warmed up to the idea of using OROGOLD and described her overall experience as “nothing but great,” finding that everything left her feeling incredibly refreshed and her skin noticeably softer. She appreciated the tastefully light scents to the products, finding them pleasant and not overpowering. She also loved the fact that OROGOLD products tend to be so concentrated that she only needed a little at a time, making them last longer.

Lauren especially liked the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, and even ran a giveaway around the product on her blog. Lauren also tastefully accompanied her blog entry with several beautiful photographs of OROGOLD products, showcasing the rich, luxurious appearance of the products themselves and the chic, stylish packaging OROGOLD is known for.

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City Style Scene reviews the OROGOLD 24K Cryogenic Collection

Based out of Boston, City Style Scene is a travel, fashion, beauty, fitness, food, and lifestyle blog edited and curated by Savath, a Cambodian-American former makeup artist and journalist, and current beauty blogger. Makeup and fashion are her forte, and she enjoys cooking and being the devoted pet parent to her little Peekapoo dog, Bambi. The blog itself is just bursting with content from travel to fashion to skincare and makeup, and everything in between. Seriously, there’s a little bit of everything in this blog and something for enthusiasts of various stripes.

Recently, City Style Scene had an article on the OROGOLD 24k Cryogenic Collection, which includes the 24k Cryogenic Restoration Cream, 24k Cryogenic Diamond Mask, 24k Cryogenic Perl Revival Elixir, 24k Cryogenic Contour Eye Firming Cream, 24k Cryogenic Liquefying Pearl, and the 24k Cryogenic Diamond Gommage. The 24k Cryogenic Collection collection is designed to reduce the appearance of signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles through hard-working ingredients like caffeine, alpha hydroxy acids, green tea, shea butter, a host of vitamins, and more.

Savath greatly enjoyed using the products in the OROGOLD 24k Cryogenic Collection and was quite pleased with her experience, feeling that using them was a very luxurious, enjoyable experience and that she was always left refreshed, and vibrant after using the products. She was especially pleased with the OROGOLD 24k Cryogenic Restoration Cream, which worked great for her oily/combination skin, making her skin feel supple and look bright near-instantly.

She was also quite intrigued by the fascinating 24k Cryogenic Liquefying Pearl, which starts as a powder but melts with body heat, becoming a liquid that doesn’t feels too heavy on the skin and works hard to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


AIMEROSE recommends the OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Collection

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