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Beauty Junkeee introduces her favorite OROGOLD Collections

The Beauty Junkee is a blog designed to empower and inspire women through makeup. The blog is described by Martha, the blog’s owner and curator, as “a celebration of all things girly and beautiful…a celebration of YOU.” On her blog, you’ll find all manner of beauty and fashion advice, but you’ll find day to day life musing on anything from art and inner beauty to cute dogs, too. In other words, The Beauty Junkee is Martha’s personal life blog, that just so happens to touch on skincare, makeup, fashion and the like fairly often, because they’re all big parts of her life.

Martha is enchanted by the idea of inner beauty, and using various means of bringing it out, from performing to makeup and much more. She’s both a blogger and a PR consultant to various brands, and somehow finds time to do all of this and still sing, read, and dote on her loving golden retriever in her free time.

Martha has a very lengthy and detailed blog post about OROGOLD cosmetics. She has a thorough discussion of Gold’s possible benefits for skin and its storied history of use in skin care for important, wealthy individuals throughout history, even going so far as to say that if the kings and queens of ancient times were kidnapped by time travelers and brought to present day, they’d probably use OROGOLD products for their skin.

She also goes over many of our collections, giving an overview of the Cryogenic Collection, Termica Collection, DMAE Collection, Caviar Collection, Nano Collection, 24k Bio-Brightening Collection, 24k Daily Essentials, Oil Control Collection, Collagen Collection, and Vitamin C collection and what each is meant for. She also discusses her experience with the products, and recommends others to try them if they want something really luxurious.

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Subaholic reviews OROGOLD products

Subaholic is a team of bloggers with a blog specializing in subscribing to and giving in-depth reviews on various subscription boxes. Their blog is extensive, as is the range of boxes they subscribe to and review. Currently subscribed to over 45 boxes, Subaholic is the go-to destination to find out whether any given subscription box is worth trying or not, to get a peek into boxes you’re curious about, or to discover new subscription services you’d never known about before. Both bloggers and vloggers, the Subaholic team has a presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, in addition to their own blog at

Just recently, Subaholic wrote about OROGOLD’s own subscription box. As the gurus of subscription boxes, their opinion of OROGOLD certainly carries some weight.

Subaholic’s review of the OROGOLD subscription box, featuring OROGOLD 24k Package 1, is as detailed and thorough as one would expect, containing an extensive description and critique of everything from the products themselves to the packaging, artfully arranged around photos of the box and its contents.

The reviewer at Subaholic found the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream to be absolutely fabulous. They note that it gives a pleasant glimmer to the skin because of the gold, but not ridiculous or gaudy. They found it had a very luxurious feel and moisturized very effectively without irritating. The 24k Foaming Cleanser, they reported, smelled incredibly nice and cleaned the skin very well, leaving it soft-feeling. They also thoroughly enjoyed the Salt Souffle, saying it exfoliated well, smelled great, and felt refreshing to use.

Overall, Subaholic found the box very satisfactory, relatively affordable, and definitely worth the price, praising the beautiful packaging and overall effectiveness and luxurious feel of OROGOLD products.

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Priscilla Ventura Reviews OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Collection

Priscilla Ventura is a prolific French beauty blogger who’s been enthusiastic about makeup and fashion since she was knee high. At ten years old, she began learning English, as well as sneaking into her mother’s makeup supply (she wasn’t allowed to wear makeup yet) and experimenting to no end, starting out sloppy but having fun anyway, and eventually refining her technique more and more over the years, until she got where she is today.

Priscilla believes that every woman and girl should take the time to take care of themselves not only in terms of physical necessity, but make themselves feel good through their choice of presentation and making themselves look a way that feels right to them. For some, though certainly not all, this includes plenty of time spent on makeup, hair, and coordinating outfits and accessories. Priscilla’s blog is for those people.

Priscilla happens to have a blog entry detailing her own personal skincare routine. Wouldn’t you know it, her skin care involves regular use of several OROGOLD products.

Priscilla favors the 24k Bio-Brightening collection because of blemishes she has left over from acne scars, and she finds the collection quite useful for dealing with them. She especially likes the 24k Bio-Brightening Dark Circle Eye Solution, 24k Bio-Brightening Dark Spot Solution, and the 24k Bio-Brightening Complex Peeling. She loves the illuminating effect of the product and the fact that there’s always a pleasantly smooth finish to her skin when she’s done. Priscilla is quite satisfied at this point and even calls OROGOLD her new “holy grail [in] skincare” since she discovered our products.

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Must Have Boxes reviews the OROGOLD Box

Must Have Boxes is a blog by KW, an LA-based beauty blogger and photographer hooked on subscription boxes. She loves the feeling of receiving and opening a box every month to find exciting new products inside to try out. She got her friends obsessed with subscription boxes too as an affordable way to try out fun products.

KW eventually decided to start her blog at in order to spread the word of how much fun subscription boxes could be, and to provide sneak peeks into a variety of boxes for people who might be curious, or who might be intrigued by a certain subscription box plan but need to see for themselves what’s in one of the boxes before they commit. She promises to only feature content she believes in, to provide honest reviews not influenced by outside sources, and to personally respond to every comment on her blog. In other words, she is an honest, thorough, and dedicated blogger.

Naturally, when she wrote a blog entry about OROGOLD, we were intrigued.

KW reviewed the service as a whole, as well as discussing what she got in her first box, which contained the OROGOLD 24k Foaming Cleanser, the Salt Souffle, and the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream, which she was especially fond of. Her sister had been telling her for some time to try OROGOLD, and now KW can see why. After using the three products, her skin felt very refreshed, and she woke up with bright, smooth complexion every morning after using the products the night before.

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OROGOLD Box featured in Fashion Maven Mommy's gift guide

Fashion Maven…Mommy is the fashion, beauty, and skincare blog run by Carla, a self-proclaimed “fashion obsessed beauty junkie.” A mother of two (twins, no less!), lover of accessories, and a prolific blogger, Carla was even a finalist in Allure’s Beauty Blogger of the Year Awards in 2013. She writes her blog in a thorough, extensive, yet charmingly fun and exuberant style, and her entries are genuinely fun to read in addition to being informative.

Naturally, when Carla had something to say about OROGOLD, we were eager to hear her thoughts.

Last December, Carla wrote a blog entry that featured a holiday gift guide for the beauty-lover in your life. She spotlighted a number of gift ideas in her entry, including IT Cosmetics brushes, Pixi Contour Kit and Mini Endless Silky Eye Pens, a couple Make Up For Ever collections, and Urban Decay’s Gwen Stefani Palette. Mixed in with all these fantastic beauty product gift ideas was, of course, OROGOLD’s Subscription Box.

Carla was clearly impressed with all three products in her OROGOLD Box. She cites having used the products for some time and loving what they were doing to her skin, also noting the beautiful and luxurious packaging. Regardless of which box she got, it’s no surprise she was so impressed, as all of them feature skin-loving products that will pamper your skin, as Carla herself clearly experienced.

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Chic Street Style reviews OROGOLD products

Brenna is a 20-something blogger, stylist, ring designer, and CEO of a company called Third & Loom, a high fashion clothing company. Chic Street Style is the blog that Brenna curates and writes where she works hard to make sure even the average person on a tight budget can have a stunning look that exclaims who they are and becomes their signature look. She believes firmly that no budget is too low for great fashion, and she attempts to show just that in her blog.

As you might imagine, anyone this invested in aesthetics is likely to understand the importance of good skincare. As it happens, Brenna is certainly no exception, and she recently made a blog post about how bad her skin was getting since moving to Seattle, and how she’d been trying OROGOLD products for a little while trying to help. She’d been dealing with oily skin in her T-zone and dry, flakey skin everywhere else. Since moving her pores clogged up and don’t seem to want to un-clog anytime in the next century at least.

Brenna started using the 24k Oil-Control Cleanser, 24k Multi-Vitamin Peeling, 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, and the 24k Termica Energizing Mask not too long ago in order to try and rectify these issues. She loved all four products, but she was especially ecstatic about the effects of the 24k Multi-Vitamin Peeling, which she found incredibly gentle yet unbelievably effective; for the first time since moving to Seattle, her pores were actually clear!

Brenna also fell in love with the 24k Energizing Mask, which she’s been using about twice a week. She found the warming effect quite luxurious and relaxing, and her hard-to-moisturize skin was consistently silky-soft since starting to use this product.

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Rasa presents her OROGOLD skincare routine

If you like glamorous but down to earth viewpoints when it comes to beauty, makeup, and fashion, you’re bound to like Aimerose, personal beauty blog of passionate photographer and fashion enthusiast Rasa. From a young age, Rasa followed lots of blogs and wishing she could have her own. Now, she does, and she shares all of her personal style, beauty, and travel adventures, detailing everything from daily outfit coordination to exciting vacations to all manner of beauty secrets, and much more.

Rasa also happens to be a satisfied user of OROGOLD products, about which she writes in one of her blog entries. She describes an encounter with an OROGOLD sales rep in Los Angeles, and how impressed she was with the product sample she got. While she didn’t purchase anything that day, she remembered how luxurious it felt and looked into it some time later. She’s quite impressed and especially enthusiastic about the 24k Vitamin C Mask, which is sweet smelling and luxurious. It left Rasa with bright and radiant looking, fresh and oh so soft feeling skin like nothing else.

She’s also in love with the 24k Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum, and that’s probably an understatement. Not only did her skin feel ridiculously soft and nourished after a use, she found it pleasantly warmed her face and smelled amazing. She also finds the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream pretty rave-worthy in its own right, being rich, creamy, soft, delicately sweet-scented and very moisturizing.

All in all, Rasa’s definitely thoroughly impressed with OROGOLD, and it shows in the glowing way she writes this enthusiastic blog entry.

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Aiko Cunan with Orogold Sensitive Skin Collection

Aiko Cunanan is a big time beauty guru and enthusiast with a deep-seated love for the performing arts. Born in the Philippines and raised in the Seattle area, Aiko has been passionate about modeling and acting from a young age. Sadly, she was raised in a strict household and had to hide this passion, but she dressed up and acted in front of the mirror in secret as a way to cope with this harsh upbringing. Eventually, Aiko was able to shed the shyness from her upbringing through performing. She spent most of her youth and adolescence passionately pursuing acting, singing, cheerleading, and the like.

Aiko also happens to be a huge travel and fashion aficionado, something she loves to share with others through blogging. Her self-titled blog chronicle’s Aiko’s various life adventures and is illustrated with rich, expertly taken photographs.

Aiko made a post on her use of OROGOLD skincare products for the past couple weeks, and her thoughts on her new regimen. Aiko’s been using the OROGOLD 24k Sensitive Skin Collection, a fantastic line for anyone with easily irritated skin that includes the 24k Sensitive Skin Cleanser, 24k Sensitive Skin Encapsulated Serum, 24k Sensitive Eye Cream, 24k Sensitive Skin Eye Serum, and 24k Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturizer.

Aiko couldn’t be happier with the results. Her skin feels luxuriously soft and smooth, and she’s been wearing less foundation with OROGOLD as her daily skincare routine because she simply doesn’t need it. She appreciates the depth and breadth of the Sensitive Skin collection, especially that it includes basics like moisturizer and cleanser, but also targeted products like eye creams. Aiko’s sensitive skin rejects a lot of product, but OROGOLD still made the cut for her.

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With or Without Shoes reviews 24K Collagen Collection products from OROGOLD,

With or Without Shoes is a personal blog run by Veronica, a fashion blogger who loves sharing her passion for all things to do with beauty and fashion using this blog. This is where you can find everything about Veronica’s wardrobe, her favorite products, personal style and style inspirations. Famous for her obsession of leather pieces, specialty shoes, accessories and long hair, Veronica has already helped thousands of women around Spain discover their passion for fashion.

In an article titled “Orogold Cosmetics, La Marca De Cuidado Facial Favorita De Las Celebrities”, Veronica introduces her readers to OROGOLD Cosmetics and our 24K Collagen Collection. She defines our brand as a rage among Hollywood celebrities and talks about how gold has been used in the world of skin care since antiquity.

The first product that Veronica reviews is the 24K Collagen and Caviar Mask. She describes the mask one that is designed for weekly use and helps to restore skin volume and provide freshness to the skin. She says that the mask is very easy to use and it leaves the skin feeling juicy.

The next product that reviewed by Veronica is the 24K Collagen Renewal Serum. She describes the product as a serum for daily use that restores facial skin volume and reduces visibility of cracks and fine lines and confesses that she is in love with its gel texture.

The third product reviewed is the 24K Collagen Renewal Cream. Veronica describes this cream as an everyday moisturizer that contains gold, vitamin C and beta glucan which is light green in color and fairly consistent. She particularly loved the smell and says that the cream felt very soft and delicious. Veronica also reviews the 24K Collagen Night Renewal Cream. She says that this night cream has a soft texture and it leaves the skin feeling silky.

OROGOLD Cosmetics would like to thank Veronica for this delightful review of our 24K Collagen Collection on her blog. All four products of our Collagen Collection have been designed to complement each other and usually offer the best results when used together .

Veronica confesses that has been using our products for 2 weeks and says that her skin feels better looking, more juicy and hydrated. We hope that these products inspire similar results in your skin care regimen.

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Racquel Natasha enjoying the OROGOLD VIP Facial.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Racquel Natasha has emerged as one of the top experts on the world of fashion and a dependable authority on everything to do with style. Her unique tidbits and fashion insights have gained her many followers and her refreshing posts makes people want to come back and learn more about the world of fashion. Racquel brings a creative edge into everything she writes about, and this is why her website is considered to be a go-to destination for anything to do with fashion, beauty, skin care and lifestyle.

In a recent post titled “Pampered by OROGOLD”, Racquel talks about how important it is for a woman to take care of her skin, particularly during the sweaty summer months. She presents OROGOLD Cosmetics as a luxury anti-aging skin care brand which has more than 10 unique collections for all types of skin and is spread in more than 17 countries.

Another reason why Racquel has become is the photographs that can be seen on her website. Each photo presented on her website looks like a work of art and those photos showing OROGOLD products in an entirely new light are no different. Each one promises insights into the opulent journey that awaits you at the OROGOLD Cosmetics store and truly highlights what makes our products so special.

Racquel also writes that she was very impressed by the OROGOLD VIP facial. Our resident experts had recommended Racquel the CyrogeniC facial, and she confesses that she was completely bowled over by our 24K CyrogeniC Liquefying Pearl, one of the products that became a part of the VIP facial. OROGOLD VIP Facials use signature OROGOLD products and specialized facial treatments and services to deliver an unparalleled sense of luxury and ensure that you leave our store with a golden smile on your face.

Racquel goes on to state that OROGOLD products are worth every single penny. We hope that our products continue to create an impression on Racquel’s day-to-day skin care regimen and help her to maintain her beautiful glow.


AIMEROSE recommends the OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Collection

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AIMEROSE is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog created and maintained by a young lady by the name of Rasa. Hailing from Lithuania, Rasa...




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The Beauty Junkee is a blog written by a dazzling lady named Martha, who seeks to inspire and enrich her readers' lives by sharing...