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Ethereal Thoughts is an internet fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blog written by one Jessa Velasquez (which explains the domain name for Ethereal Thoughts, Jessa is a petite yet fierce woman with a refined, yet laid back personal style. She has a diamond tattoo and a matching logo on her blog, which symbolizes to her that she is strong and unbreakable. Her aim in writing Ethereal Thoughts is to mix personal, candid thoughts about just about everything with a hearty dose of fashion and design, and even some humor. She created Ethereal Thoughts to, in her own words, “express myself, spread happiness, inspire, motivate and touch other people’s [sic] lives.”

Recently, Jessa wrote all about gift ideas for Fathers’ Day, and her list included everything from clothes to sunglasses to skincare, and she happened to highly recommend OROGOLD’s 24k Hydrating Moisturizer as a possible gift idea. OROGOLD 24k Hydrating Moisturizer features a host of high-powered ingredients and luxurious 24 karat gold, along with vitamins A, C and E to make your face—or your Dad’s face!—silky smooth and radiant. Jessa recoomends the product as a Father’s Day gift idea because of its ability to keep the skin from drying out because many dads forget that good skincare is for everyone, not just women. So consider reminding your own father about this very important fact next Father’s Day (or as a belated father’s day gift, or for his next birthday, etc, etc) with the gift of OROGOLD.

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Greta’s Junkyard is an amusingly-named fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog by a lovely woman named Gretchen Gatan, whose cousins sometimes call her by her nickname, Greta. Greta comes from a very tight-knit family, and she used to play softball and Ultimate Frisbee when she was younger, and still plays Ultimate sometimes. She also plays both the piano and guitar, and interestingly enough, used to be in a punk band, complete with rebellious attitude, baggy clothes, and zero interest in makeup. As a result of all this, Greta is still something of a tomboy and a mold-breaker, though she has also developed a keen interest in makeup and fashion besides. She made her blog, Greta’s Junkyard, not specifically as a fashion and beauty blog, but as a collection of anything and everything she cared to share relating to her interests and favorite things.

Last April, Greta had a lovely experience in an OROGOLD location and wrote all about it in Greta’s Junkyard. She visited the location in Century City Mall, where she received a Collagen Treatment facial. Greta felt her skin was completely invigorated and made more supple than ever, and the treatment was so relaxing for her it actually put her to sleep!

Greta also got to take home a few products to try. Specifically, the 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream, Golden Body Butter, Purifying Facial Toner, and the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. She tried the 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream right away and was amazed at how plump her skin looked and felt afterward. She couldn’t wait to try out all the other products as well.

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Doll Up Mari is the personal beauty and lifestyle blog by a lovely part time makeup artist named Mari. Mari is a very artistic person, and has pursued a variety of artistic endeavors—some of which she still keeps up with today—including clay art, bead art, singing, and cosplay. But of all the types of art she’s tried, makeup remains her favorite. Mari has long been a fan of Japanese and Koren styled makeup, and decided to attend school in 2013 at Makeup Design Academy, to learn Western style makeup too, as well as to take her makeup skills up a notch in general. Mari is a very outgoing and fun-loving person and a big-time cat lover, who works part time as a PR strategist in addition to her blog and makeup hobby.

This Mother’s Day, Mari gave her own loving mother the gift of Golden Skincare. Mari’s mother has tried OROGOLD products in the past, so she wasn’t new to the brand, and in fact already knew how amazingly helpful OROGOLD skincare can be. For Mother’s Day this year, Mari gave her mother the OROGOLD Exclusive 24k Multivitamin Night Nourishment, OROGOLD 24k Classic Body Butter, 34k Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturizer, 24k Sensitive Skin Eye Serum, and 24k Purifying Toner.

Mari’s mother is somewhat limited in terms of what skin care products she can use, as she has very dry and sensitive skin. But thankfully, many of the OROGOLD products that arrived for her were formulated specifically for sensitive skin. What a fantastic Mother’s Day gift!

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We the Classy Examines OROGOLD products

We the Classy is a fashion, style, and beauty blog founded and curated by Vanessa Kaufman, a blogger and professional model. Vanessa is quite passionate about fashion and style, and it shows in her blog. We the Classy not only has incredible beauty-based content, it also has a noble goal, to “provide a commentary open culture and society that promotes individuality, advocates kindness, and look [sic] great doing it.”

Vanessa is currently based in Arizona, and notes that the arid Arizona climate is difficult to balance with her Oily skin (it’s all too easy to over-cleanse in such and environment, but it’s also easy to over-moisturize when you have oily skin). Recently, she got to try a few OROGOLD products, and she was excited to find out if they’d work for her and solve her little conundrum.

She got the 24k Sensitive Skin Cleanser, 24k Bio-Brightening Complex Peeling, 24k Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum, and a day cream.

Vanessa loved every single product, which—she highlights—is unusual for her. Of all the products she tried, Vanessa found the Serum most effective. While using this serum, Vanessa found her morning skin feeling smooth, and she felt younger than she had in 5 years. Even under makeup, Vanessa reports, the serum keeps her skin fresh and soft all day.

Overall, Vanessa is beyond pleased with OROGOLD.

Vanessa Acosta is a popular beauty vlogger on YouTube who is famous for offering her viewers with exciting product demos and how-tos. Vanessa was particularly excited to demo the ORO GOLD 24K Deep Peeling Mask because it made her skin feel “clear, hydrated and fresh”. Watch Vanessa as she takes you through a step-by-step guide of how to use the OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling Mask here.


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