From A Distance Writes About Her Dad and OROGOLD

Father and daughter

From a Distance is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog by one Kally Araneta, an elegant and gorgeous woman who hails from Manila, in the Philippines. Kally began her blogging career in 2012 as a hobbyist and eventually decided to try to blog full time for a living in 2015. Originally just a simple fashion diary, From a Distance has since branched out into the fully fledged fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog it is today. Interestingly, the name of Kally’s blog came from the fact that, growing up in an all-girls school with lots of gossips, everyone knew who she was “from a distance,” but didn’t really know her on a personal level. She decided to write as a way to show the world her own view on things, her personality, her quirky, in essence, who she is, and how she sees the world.

This last Father’s Day, Kally decided to dedicate a blog article to her loving and supportive father, and how he was very patient and caring to raise such a stubborn daughter so well. Kally talks about all the fun things she and her dad did when she was growing up, and a lot of the many common interests they shared, such as animals, bacon, trying new restaurants, and lots more.

Thanks for sharing this touching message to your father, Kally, and thanks for thinking that OROGOLD makes a great Father’s Day gift!