Doll Up Mari Reviews OROGOLD 24K Products

Doll Up Mari Reviews OROGOLD 24K Products

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OROGOLD 24K collection

Doll Up Mari is the personal beauty and lifestyle blog by a lovely part time makeup artist named Mari. Mari is a very artistic person, and has pursued a variety of artistic endeavors—some of which she still keeps up with today—including clay art, bead art, singing, and cosplay. But of all the types of art she’s tried, makeup remains her favorite. Mari has long been a fan of Japanese and Koren styled makeup, and decided to attend school in 2013 at Makeup Design Academy, to learn Western style makeup too, as well as to take her makeup skills up a notch in general. Mari is a very outgoing and fun-loving person and a big-time cat lover, who works part time as a PR strategist in addition to her blog and makeup hobby.

This Mother’s Day, Mari gave her own loving mother the gift of Golden Skincare. Mari’s mother has tried OROGOLD products in the past, so she wasn’t new to the brand, and in fact already knew how amazingly helpful OROGOLD skincare can be. For Mother’s Day this year, Mari gave her mother the OROGOLD Exclusive 24k Multivitamin Night Nourishment, OROGOLD 24k Classic Body Butter, 34k Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturizer, 24k Sensitive Skin Eye Serum, and 24k Purifying Toner.

Mari’s mother is somewhat limited in terms of what skin care products she can use, as she has very dry and sensitive skin. But thankfully, many of the OROGOLD products that arrived for her were formulated specifically for sensitive skin. What a fantastic Mother’s Day gift!


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