Ethereal Thoughts Recommends the OROGOLD 24K Hydrating Moisturizer

Ethereal Thoughts Recommends the OROGOLD 24K Hydrating Moisturizer

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Ethereal Thoughts is an internet fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blog written by one Jessa Velasquez (which explains the domain name for Ethereal Thoughts, Jessa is a petite yet fierce woman with a refined, yet laid back personal style. She has a diamond tattoo and a matching logo on her blog, which symbolizes to her that she is strong and unbreakable. Her aim in writing Ethereal Thoughts is to mix personal, candid thoughts about just about everything with a hearty dose of fashion and design, and even some humor. She created Ethereal Thoughts to, in her own words, “express myself, spread happiness, inspire, motivate and touch other people’s [sic] lives.”

Recently, Jessa wrote all about gift ideas for Fathers’ Day, and her list included everything from clothes to sunglasses to skincare, and she happened to highly recommend OROGOLD’s 24k Hydrating Moisturizer as a possible gift idea. OROGOLD 24k Hydrating Moisturizer features a host of high-powered ingredients and luxurious 24 karat gold, along with vitamins A, C and E to make your face—or your Dad’s face!—silky smooth and radiant. Jessa recoomends the product as a Father’s Day gift idea because of its ability to keep the skin from drying out because many dads forget that good skincare is for everyone, not just women. So consider reminding your own father about this very important fact next Father’s Day (or as a belated father’s day gift, or for his next birthday, etc, etc) with the gift of OROGOLD.


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