Question – Why should I choose OROGOLD products and collections? Why are OROGOLD products different? 
OROGOLD Cosmetics offers its customers with luxurious high quality skin care products that allow them to enjoy younger and beautiful looking skin. Each of our collections have been specially formulated to suit people with different types of skin and we always have a collection for everyone, irrespective of their type of skin or their skin issue. OROGOLD is a brand that is not just recognized by its quality skin care products, but also because of its personalized service. Each OROGOLD store offers customers with free skin consultations from specialized skin experts so that our customers can choose products that suit their skin the best and also learn how to take care of their skin issues properly.


Question – Why the gold in OROGOLD?
Gold, a commodity that is believed to be the epitome of luxury, is one of the most exotic ingredients used in skin care products today. The use of gold in skin care is nothing new. People have been using the lustrous wonders of gold to beautify their skin for centuries. However, as the commodity became more and more expensive, the use of gold all but disappeared from skin care. The advent of modern day science ensures that the use of gold in skin care is no longer out of the reach of the common man. We reintroduced gold in skin care with our luxurious skin care products and collections so as to once again allow our customers to enjoy the lustrous wonders of this exotic ingredient, the way their ancestors once did.


Question – Are OROGOLD products tested on animals?
OROGOLD Cosmetics doesn’t believe in any kind of animal testing. None of our products or collections are tested on animals and the OROGOLD brand completely stands against cruelty to animals.


Question – How can I be sure I am buying an authentic OROGOLD product?

Please visit the nearest OROGOLD Store to purchase authentic OROGOLD products. If you cannot find a store close by, all you need to do is log onto www.orogoldcosmetics.com and order for your favorite OROGOLD products online.


Question – What is the return policy for your products?
OROGOLD products can be exchanged within 30 days from the date of purchase.


Question – Are your jars and bottles recyclable? (PLEASE CHECK)
We do not believe in offering our customers with recyclable jars and bottles, purely for sanitary reasons. However, we try and ensure that we keep them as environment-friendly as possible.


Question – Do your products contain gluten? (PLEASE CHECK)
OROGOLD does not believe in using gluten in its skin care products. However, we are still in our nascent stages as a skin care brand and as a result, we are yet to get our manufacturing facilities and products certified as gluten free.


Question – Which collection can help me deal with acne?
The OROGOLD 24K Oil Control Collection is an ideal collection for people suffering from acne issues. This collection was formulated keeping the issues of people with oily skin in mind. The 24K Oil-Control collection makes your skin look less oily and it also goes a long way in giving you a youthful complexion. Since one of the common issues being faced by people with oily skin is acne, these products can be useful for those suffering from acne. However, it is best to consult your dermatologist before product use.


Question – Which collection can help me deal with dark spots?
The OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Collection helps to give your skin a brightened complexion and it goes a long way in diminishing the appearance of skin issues like dark spots, age spots and uneven skin tones. While OROGOLD products have been formulated using skin care ingredients that do not have any major side effects, it is always best to consult your dermatologist before product use.


Question – Where are your stores located?
OROGOLD has managed to extend its reach to major cities all over the world. Our stores are currently located all over the US and in 22 different countries in the world. To search for the nearest OROGOLD Store, please visit www.orogoldstorelocator.com.


Question – Do I need an appointment for the VIP facial?
Although you don’t necessarily need a prior appointment to enjoy our OROGOLD VIP Facials, it is always best to take a prior appointment so that you don’t have to end up waiting for your turn.


Question – Which is the best OROGOLD collection?
We do not believe in defining our collections in terms of the best and worst collections. Each OROGOLD Collection is formulated after a lot of research and different collections help people with different skin types and different skin issues. The best collection for your type of skin is all about choosing an OROGOLD collection that suits your particular skin needs. For more advice, please visit the nearest OROGOLD Store and seek a professional opinion from our in-house skin specialists.


Question – Do you have something for men?
OROGOLD products use an excellent combination of skin ingredients to ensure that can be used by both male and female customers. Irrespective of whether you are a male or a female, you can choose OROGOLD products based on your skin type and your skin needs. Please contact one of our beauty advisors for more assistance on the best OROGOLD products for your skin. We also offer a special OROGOLD 24K Men’s Collection to address the special grooming needs of the male skin.


Question – Are your products safe for pregnant women/ children?
OROGOLD never recommends the use of its skin care products and collections by children. Please consult your doctor before using any skin care product if you’re pregnant.