Greta’s Junkyard Reviews the OROGOLD Collagen Treatment

Greta’s Junkyard Reviews the OROGOLD Collagen Treatment

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Greta’s Junkyard is an amusingly-named fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog by a lovely woman named Gretchen Gatan, whose cousins sometimes call her by her nickname, Greta. Greta comes from a very tight-knit family, and she used to play softball and Ultimate Frisbee when she was younger, and still plays Ultimate sometimes. She also plays both the piano and guitar, and interestingly enough, used to be in a punk band, complete with rebellious attitude, baggy clothes, and zero interest in makeup. As a result of all this, Greta is still something of a tomboy and a mold-breaker, though she has also developed a keen interest in makeup and fashion besides. She made her blog, Greta’s Junkyard, not specifically as a fashion and beauty blog, but as a collection of anything and everything she cared to share relating to her interests and favorite things.

Last April, Greta had a lovely experience in an OROGOLD location and wrote all about it in Greta’s Junkyard. She visited the location in Century City Mall, where she received a Collagen Treatment facial. Greta felt her skin was completely invigorated and made more supple than ever, and the treatment was so relaxing for her it actually put her to sleep!

Greta also got to take home a few products to try. Specifically, the 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream, Golden Body Butter, Purifying Facial Toner, and the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. She tried the 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream right away and was amazed at how plump her skin looked and felt afterward. She couldn’t wait to try out all the other products as well.


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