Heidi Uy Talks About Her Experience with OROGOLD Cosmetics

Heidi Uy talks about her experience with OROGOLD Cosmetics.

Heidi Uy is a busy woman of many hats. Educator, Image consultant, Resource Speaker, Lifestyle, Beauty, and Fashion Blogger, and the founder of HU Studio. As if that weren’t enough, Heidi’s firm belief in lifelong learning has driven her to pursue journalism, modeling, and acting as well, always expanding her repertoire of skills, interests, and abilities. An avid foodie as well, you’ll find that Heidi’s blog contains a great deal of diverse content, with sections for fashion, parenting, travel, food, and social responsibility.

Heidi recently wrote about her experience at an OROGOLD boutique. She’d already been introduced to OROGOLD before this experience, specifically the 24k Hand and Body Lotion, which she received a sample of in a mall and just loved the texture of. Naturally, she was quite excited to get another opportunity to experience OROGOLD again. 

During her session, the 24k Vitamin C Cleanser, 24k Purifying Toner, 24k Cryogenic Diamond Gommage, 24k Bio Brightening Complex Peeling, Cryogenic Diamond Mask, 24k Collagen Deep Tissue Rejuvenating Mask, 24k Cryogenic Contour Eye firming, and 24k Cryogenic Restoration Cream were all used on her skin. She was incredibly pleased with the results, feeling very relaxed and pampered during and after the procedure. She closed the article with a hearty endorsement of OROGOLD Cosmetics and by reminding her readers that you’re never too young to start a good skincare regimen.