History of Gold in Skin Care


Gold has always been associated with the world of beauty since time eternal. The use of gold in beauty and skin care dates back to the ancient civilizations. Although it is next to impossible to determine when gold was first discovered, it is believed that man discovered gold in Spanish caves around the year 40000 BC. The use of gold is believed to date back to about 6000 BC. Ever since the introduction of gold, man has been obsessed with its golden luster and has termed it as one of the most important metals in history.

Gold is also known to have a great intrinsic value and it has often been used to denote luxury as well. According to reports, gold was considered to be one of the most important skin care ingredients across numerous civilizations in the world throughout history. Some civilizations used gold leaves in their food as a sign of hospitality. Other civilizations like the Great Egyptian Civilization had directly used gold as a symbol of beauty.

Ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was famous for her use of gold face masks as a means of maintaining her flawless complexion. The use of gold has also been traced to the ancient Chinese civilizations where empresses used crush gold as a means of enhancing their looks.

Furthermore, Japanese Geishas have also relied on gold leaves to give their skin a beautiful glow since time eternal. They believed that gold helped to add a unique glow as well as a touch of luxury to any beauty ritual. Since gold commonly represented opulence and glamor, it found a place in many Eastern diets as well.

However, as the monetary values of gold kept rising through the years, the use of gold from beauty and skin care all but disappeared.

Today, gold is commonly used in all sorts of skin care and beauty products because of the supposed skin benefits that it has to offer. Many major cosmetic brands have begun to incorporate real gold in their product formulations so as to bring back the luxuries that gold has to offer.

The World Gold Council has reported that the use of gold leaf facial treatments has become extremely popular in many Asian communities and these facials are slowly becoming famous all over the world as well. People who advocate the use of gold believe that these facials can actually help out with things like fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

Studies proving the benefits that gold has to offer might still be unavailable, but one study that was published in the American Medical Association clearly found that gold leaf actually offered positive benefits to those suffering from low blood flow skin ulcers.