Inside Makeup Beauty Reviews OROGOLD Cosmetics

Inside Makeup Beauty reviews OROGOLD Cosmetics

Inside Makeup Beauty is the personal beauty blog of the talented, gorgeous Yasmin, a beauty blogger, photography enthusiast, and mother of two. She’s got a presence on her wordpress blog as well as twitter and Instagram, and she writes on just about anything related to fashion, beauty, makeup, skincare, and the like.

Recently, Yasmin wrote an enthusiastic article about OROGOLD Cosmetics and her experience with several products from the brand. She introduces her readers to various OROGOLD collections, and focuses her review on the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, 24k Purifying Toner, and the 24k Classic Body Butter, giving in-depth information on each product and describing her own thoughts based on her experience with the product.

Yasmin happily found that her skin—which is very sensitive and has allergies to many skincare products—was not at all allergic to any of these three products. She loved using the 24k Vitamin C Cleanser and felt that it was very easy to use and glided effortlessly onto the skin. She found that her skin felt much clearer afterwards and also says that the 24k Purifying Toner was very effective at prepping her skin for the rest of her routine and leaving a smooth, silky finish. Finally, she absolutely loved the 24k Classic Body Butter, finding it left her skin feeling flawlessly smooth and soft.

Overall, Yasmin had a very positive experience with OROGOLD and loved the opportunity to try such luxurious skincare products.