Jessica and Love Adores the 24K Caviar Elastic Restoration

Jessica adores the 24K Caviar Elastic Restoration

Jessica and Love is a blog maintained by Jessica, who created the blog as something to occupy her time and to make a space for people to come who feel they have nothing to wear despite having plenty of clothes. The blog functions as a journal, a lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blog, and a portfolio of inspiration. Jessica truly has a way with words, which pairs very nicely with her superb fashion sense and passion for beauty blogging, making Jessica and Love a joy to browse and read.

Jessica recently posted an entry on her blog about her experience with OROGOLD Cosmetics, and she was sold from the get-go. Jessica tried a lot of OROGOLD products, including the 24k Caviar Elastic Restoration, 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, and the 24k Purifying Facial Toner. She loved all of them at first sight, and was particularly impressed with the luxe, chic packaging of OROGOLD products. After she got through the lovely packaging, she found that the products themselves didn’t disappoint either. She noticed that every single product she tried glided easily onto her skin, softening and brightening the look of her skin.

While she was deeply enamored with each and every product she tried, Jessica’s favorite was the 24k Caviar Elastic Restoration. She loved the smell and texture of the little capsules, and found they absorbed near-instantly, with a visible, and palpable difference in the appearance of her skin.