Joei & Me Reviews the OROGOLD Philippines Store

Joei & Me reviews the OROGOLD Philippines Store

Joei and Me is created by a talented travel and food enthusiast, blogger, and lawyer, Joei. Despite having a busy job as a lawyer, she still manages to make time for fun stuff like her blog. She primarily writes about food and travel, two of her favorite things, and always seems to have a new gastronomic obsession or be planning another vacation. The reasoning behind the name for Joei’s blog is actually pretty interesting and fun. She calls it Joei and Me, with “me” referring to her readers, because she wants anyone who reads her blog to be able to feel like they’re right there with her on all her various adventures.

Despite being primarily a food and travel blogger, Joei loves to write about a whole lot of other stuff, and recently, she found herself visiting the OROGOLD Philippines Store and wrote a blog entry about her experience.

Joei felt that the OROGOLD Philippines Store was so luxurious that it positively radiated opulence and luxury. Joei mentions that she was taken into a luxurious VIP room for a facial, and every ingredient used on her during the process was clearly identified and explained to her before it was used. That, and the fact that she had filled out a form with any known medical allergies and the like, made Joei feel very safe and confident with the procedure.

Afterwards, Joei says that her skin felt noticeably softer after the treatment. She was quite happy with her overall experience at the OROGOLD Philippines Store and says that her favorite experience was with the Golden Mask.