Joei and Me Recommends the OROGOLD Store in the Philippines

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Joei and Me is a travel and food blog with a splash of beauty-related articles as well as just about any random thing the another, Joei, happens to feel like sharing. Joei is a full-time lawyer and a fashion and travel blogger in her off time. She chose the name Joei and Me for her blog because she wants her readers to feel like her personal buddies, and imagine themselves right there with Joei on all her fantastic food and travel adventures. She started her blog as more of an online diary for her personal thoughts and feelings, but later decided she wanted it to evolve into a passionate travel and food blog without too much in the way of personal information (being cyber-stalked or having anyone with an internet connection be able to know your deepest, darkest secrets is pretty scary!)

Last August, Joei had the opportunity to visit an OROGOLD store location in the Philippines. She was impressed right away by the opulent white and gold interior of the store. It only got better from there, as when she was ready for her facial, Joei was escorted to the VIP room, which was covered in gold wallpaper and felt like an incredibly luxurious spa room.

The facial itself went great, and Joei was quite pleased with how they named and explained every product being used on her face so she knew exactly what was going on the whole time, and that they took her sensitive skin and skin allergies into account and managed to avoid any allergic reactions at all. Joei was quite satisfied with the whole experience and said that her face was noticeably softer feeling after the treatment.