Lauren Australia Reviews OROGOLD Products

Lauren Australia reviews OROGOLD Products

Lauren Australia is run by Lauren who regularly blogs about food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She’s based in, as you might imagine, Australia. Sydney, Australia, to be more specific. 

Recently, Lauren posted a blog entry all about OROGOLD Cosmetics, which she’s been giving a trial run. She used the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream, 24k Cleansing Kit and 24k Deep Peeling for some time and gaged the results.

Lauren quickly warmed up to the idea of using OROGOLD and described her overall experience as “nothing but great,” finding that everything left her feeling incredibly refreshed and her skin noticeably softer. She appreciated the tastefully light scents to the products, finding them pleasant and not overpowering. She also loved the fact that OROGOLD products tend to be so concentrated that she only needed a little at a time, making them last longer.

Lauren especially liked the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, and even ran a giveaway around the product on her blog. Lauren also tastefully accompanied her blog entry with several beautiful photographs of OROGOLD products, showcasing the rich, luxurious appearance of the products themselves and the chic, stylish packaging OROGOLD is known for.