Laurence Magaly Reviews the OROGOLD 24K Nano Collection

Laurence Magaly Reviews the OROGOLD 24K Nano Collection

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Laurence Magaly reviews the OROGOLD 24K Nano Collection

Laurence Magaly is the personal fashion, beauty, and travel blog of Laurence Talet, a half French, half Dutch young lady who’s passionate about fashion, beauty, and travel, and finds inspiration on her many journeys. Her blog is chock full of her exciting travel experiences, thoughts on style and fashion, outfit ideas, and little life tidbits that make the blog sort of like a diary. If you’re interested in lifestyle blogs with a heaping helping of fashion, skincare, and travel content, Laurence Magaly might be worth a look.

Recently, Laurence wrote an article about OROGOLD cosmetics, calling it “her current favorite skincare brand.” She wrote an entire blog entry on OROGOLD’s 24K Nano Collection, in which she goes over each product in detail and gives her thoughts on the results.

Laurence reviewed the entire 24K Nano Collection, consisting of the 24k Nano Night Recovery, 24k Nano Day Recovery, 24k Nano Hydra Silk Mask, and the 24k Nano Ultra Silk Serum. She recently traveled to France, and her skin was feeling the effects of travel and weather changes (requiring extensive use of a heater when indoors, which of course dries out the skin), so she really needed some pampering, and she found it in OROGOLD.

After using the products for some time, she feels they’ve vastly improved her skin, and she especially appreciates that OROGOLD products tend to be concentrated, and a little goes a very long way, so they’ll last a good while. She also commented on the beautiful chic packaging the collection came in, which she says looks great on her dressing table. Laurence’s favorite product out of the collection was the 24k Nano Day Recovery, which she said gave her face a lovely, smooth base to do her makeup on top of and that it felt very comfortable on her skin.


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