LC’s Closet Talks About OROGOLD’s 24K Exclusive Eye Collection

LC's Closet reviews OROGOLD's Exclusive Eye Collection

LC’s Closet is a fun, classy blog by Lorana, a 20-something Irish young lady who’s passionate about sharing her personal style, life experiences, and all insight on all manner of beauty-related topic on her blog. She is a former Ph. D. Student, which is where the blog originally spawned—as a way to help her relax and de-stress by writing about something fun for her. Since then, it has expanded significantly until becoming the prolific beauty blog it is today.

Recently, Lorana promised a look at her “latest beauty obsession,” and delivered on this promise just a few days ago. Lorana admits she hasn’t been taking the best care of her skin, especially the under-eye area, and that her busy lifestyle in the Big Apple was not exactly helping, as the stress was starting to show, especially under her eyes.

This is precisely why Lorana made a new year’s resolution to take better care of her under-eye skin. And as it happens, her choice of products to do just that was the OROGOLD 24k Exclusive Eye Care Collection. She used the Dark Circle eye Solution, Intensive Eye Serum, and Intensive Eye Cream every night for a while, and is ecstatic with the results. She feels amazing when she applies them and loves the difference in her skin thus far, and is pretty excited about seeing what further improvements come about as she continues using these products.