Mikki Galang Reviews Facial Treatment At OROGOLD


Mikki Galang is a creative, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful Filipino transgender woman and beauty blogger with a blog alternately referred to as BREAK MY SPELL or simply using her own name as the blog title. For the past four years, Mikki has used the blog to express her thoughts on a variety of subject, paying particular attention to beauty and fashion, as Mikki has been fascinated by the transformative power of makeup since she was a little girl. Mikki is a strong, assertive woman who isn’t afraid to admit she has plenty of issues to deal with. True strength means owning up to your demons and getting up every day and doing the best that you can in spite of them, and Mikki definitely has that admirable quality.

Last October, Mikki had a luxurious experience getting a facial treatment in the OROGOLD location in Robinsons Ermita. She got a personal consultation to determine what products would be the best for her skin in, and the OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection was selected for her. After being whisked away to the opulent VIP room, Mikki got to sample several products, and she was treated with the 24k Gold Mask Regimen. Afterward, she said her skin was instantly transformed from dry and scratchy to glowing and incredibly smooth and soft.

Mikki took the 24k Vitamin C Facial Cleanser and 24k Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum home with her, and has been quite impressed with the results, saying they smell great, and leave the skin clean, refreshed, and soft. Overall, she definitely recommends the OROGOLD brand to her readers and anyone else who wants quality skincare.