Mrs. Martinez Reviews the OROGOLD 24K Hydrating Moisturizer

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Mrs. Martinez is the name of a personal beauty, fashion, lifestyle and special interests blog written by Mrs. Michelle Martinez. Michelle is a loving mother to a beautiful daughter and posts to her blog when her princess is napping. She uses her blog to share things that inspire her to anyone around the world who cares to listen.

This Father’s Day, Michelle wrote a blog entry entirely dedicated to her loving father, whom she credits as a strong influence in her life, a role model, and confidant who she still sometimes comes to for advice to this day. She posted a loving letter she wrote a few years ago to her father, which summed up beautifully the value of affectionate and hands-on parenting—something Michelle does her very best to emulate with her own daughter.

Michelle also wrote about how she gave her father the gift of golden skincare this year, in the form of OROGOLD Cosmetics 24k Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer. The 24k Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer is all about restoring moisture to the face without feeling heavy or greasy and helping to correct for over-dryness that can be caused by routines like shaving, as well as exposure to everyday life. Michelle’s wonderful father was quite surprised by the gift, as he was not expecting to receive gold for father’s day—let alone gold-infused skincare—but he definitely seemed to appreciate the gift, as he gave Michelle a great big hug as thanks for thinking of him.