OROGOLD 24K Exclusive Eye Collection Review from Merged Fashion

OROGOLD 24K Exclusive Eye Collection review from Merged Fashion

Merged Fashion is the personal blog of the gorgeous Taylor Stone, a beautiful and driven woman, self-professed workaholic, and lover of all things beauty and fashion. On her blog, you’ll find a chic yet down-to-earth writing style and fashion tendencies, and entries on everything from outfit inspiration to random lifestyle-related musings.

Recently, Taylor wrote about her experience with OROGOLD Cosmetics, specifically the OROGOLD 24k Exclusive Eye Collection. This collection, as the name suggests, focuses on skincare for the area around the eyes. It comprises the 24k Intensive Eye Serum, 24k Dark Circle Eye Solution, and the 24k Intensive Eye Formula Cream.

Taylor absolutely loved the entire collection. She explained that her busy work schedule has her exhausted and she doesn’t always get enough sleep, and it shows in her eyes sometimes, but now that she had OROGOLD’s 24k Exclusive Eye Collection, those concerns are in the past. She’s noticed a huge improvement already, and has been needing to use less and less under-eye concealer as the days go by; she’s quite excited to see how things improve even more in time.