One of the most talked about service offered by OROGOLD Cosmetics is the OROGOLD VIP Facial. Customers who have enjoyed these facials from in the past have openly spoken about the amazing ambience and the refreshing sensations that the facials had to offer. However, we have also found that a lot of customers were searching for more information on OROGOLD facials and exactly what they have to offer. We dedicated an entire page to ORO GOLD VIP Facials in this website to help you understand exactly what to expect when you step in for an OROGOLD facial.

Before we actually begin with your facial, OROGOLD offers you with a free sample of its special day moisturizer and also provides you with a free consultation with our in-house skin specialist. These consultations have been designed to find out the various factors that bother your skin and help you understand what OROGOLD products would suit your requirements the most.  You would also be asked to fill out a questionnaire that has been designed to allow OROGOLD to understand exactly what bothers your skin the most. You can fill out the questionnaire in one of the many lounging sections of the OROGOLD Store while you sip on champagne, tea, espresso or chocolates.

Once you familiarize yourself with OROGOLD products, we give you a complimentary facial to help you get to know our products a little bit better and to enable us to get to know you better as well. During the course of this relaxing facial, our technicians also explain why they perform various steps and help you learn how to replicate the entire facial at home.

The next step involves taking you to our luxurious VIP Rooms for the ultimate facial. Each OROGOLD VIP Room offers you with the most opulent decors, a luxurious surrounding and some of the best facial treatments that you can expect. Lie down on one of the most comfortable beds while our experts educate you on the best options for your skin health and our technicians pamper your skin with out-of-the-world experiences. OROGOLD also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a couple’s facial, depending on whether you want to enjoy our facial alone or with a partner.

What makes OROGOLD Facials so different is that OROGOLD chooses to use its own treatments and products versus medical facials. The treatment or OROGOLD collection that we choose for your routine depends on the information filled out by you in the OROGOLD questionnaire to give you something perfect for your skin.

Each OROGOLD facial uses products from all sorts of OROGOLD collections, depending on what your skin needs the most. The product cocktail used in your facials has been carefully chosen to introduce you to some of the main OROGOLD products that you would need in your day-to-day skin care routine as well as to allow you to enjoy one of the most soothing, nourished and refreshing facials.


So don’t hesitate and book your OROGOLD facial today!