Ria Michelle Reviews the OROGOLD 24K Collagen Collection

Ria Michelle Reviews the OROGOLD 24K Collagen Collection

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Ria Michelle reviews the OROGOLD 24K Collagen Collection

Ria Michelle is a prominent fashion and lifestyle blogger who also doubles as a stylist, model, ambassador, and content creator working with many different brands and always producing high-quality content in everything she does. She’s a big presence in the world of fashion and beauty, working with clients like Bacardi, Teen Vogue, Couture, and much more. Her blog is full of her adventures in the realms of beauty, skincare, fashion, travel and lifestyle. You can find a lot of reviews of all kinds of products, outfit ideas and inspiration, and just about everything a fashion and beauty enthusiast could dream of.

This May, Ria turned her attention to OROGOLD. She reviewed the OROGOLD 24k Collagen collection, specifically the 24k Collagen Pre-mask, 24k Collagen and Seaweed Mask, 24k Collagen Renewal Serum, and 24k Collagen Renewal Cream.

Ria found the products to be very satisfying, and felt her skin looked much more moisturized and radiant. She was particularly intrigued by the way the 24k Collagen Pre-mask and the 24k Collagen and Seaweed Mask worked together, commenting that she’d never gone into a mask already feeling super moisturized before, and that the mask built on the pre-mask’s foundation beautifully. She also found the 24k Collagen Renewal Serum to be quite replenishing, and stated that the 24k Collagen Renewal Cream worked all night so she could wake up to flawless skin the next morning.

Ria is of the opinion that it’s never too early to start taking care of yourself with a proper skincare routine and she recommends OROGOLD as an excellent choice for those looking to take proper care of their skin. 


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