Shades of Style Reviews Facial Treatment At OROGOLD

Product reviews

Shades of Syle, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog with the domain name, is the brainchild and pet project of a glamorous professional blogger and Social Media Specialist who goes by Rhea Bue, who started quite small, with a tiny budget compared to many other fashion bloggers. Rhea firmly believes you don’t need to be able to afford fancy brand names or have the influence that comes from working with or for big brand companies in order to be a successful fashion blogger, you just need passion and creativity. A very admirable attitude indeed. Rhea also credits the kind and helpful friends she made online for her success.

Last July, Rhea experienced a luxurious facial at the OROGOLD location in Century City’s mall. She was quite pleased with how the staff treated her even as she waited for the facial, and she loved that she was free to wander and try product samples while waiting. Once she was actually taken to the back room to receive her treatment, she greatly appreciated how every ingredient used on her face was explained to her—this made her quite at ease as she didn’t have to worry about unknown substances being put on her face.

Rhea quite enjoyed the facial itself, saying the Vitamin C Cleanser felt refreshing and smelled great. She also enjoyed the Collagen Seaweed Mask and the Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum. Overall, Rhea said the facial was so effective, she didn’t even feel the need to put on makeup afterward.