Suzanne Spiegoski Reviews the OROGOLD 24K White Gold Collection

Suzanne Spiegoski reviews the OROGOLD 24K White Gold Collection

Suzanne Spiegoski is a blogger, beauty enthusiast, photographer, writer and published author with her own crime-thriller novel The Fisherman’s Lily. She blogs about herself, her German Shepherd MaQ, her photography, fashion, beauty, food, heath, fitness, artistic inclinations, and a whole lot more. You’ll find a little bit of everything on her blog.

Recently, though, she wrote a post all about OROGOLD Cosmetics. Specifically, she had the opportunity to try out the entirety of OROGOLD’s 24k White Gold Collection, which comprises the 24k Classic Hand and Body Cream, 24k Classic Body Butter, 24k Classic Body Scrub, 24k Mousse Cleanser, 24k Purifying Toner, 24k Aromatherapy Body Oil, 24k Multi-vitamin Deep Peeling, and 24k Deep Moisturizer. 

Suzanne absolutely adored the 24k White Gold Collection, and it left her feeling like a queen, with noticeably more clean, clear and radiant looking skin. The 24k Mousse Cleanser was very gentle on her skin but very effectively removed all the dirt and makeup from her skin with a nice creamy lather. The 24k Purifying Toner was a great finishing touch and left her skin feeling incredibly clean and clear.

The 24k Aromatherapy Body Oil was both moisturizing and left her skin and her nose feeling exquisite. She also mentions that the Hand and Body Cream was perfect for those extra cold days. Last, but by no means least, Suzanne was really pleased with the Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling Gel, which left her face feeling youthful and bright.