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Giggles ‘N Dimples is a beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog created and maintained by two Vietnamese sisters, Tsutsumi and Alexandra, who share a similar taste in fashion and like to do just about everything together. Currently, Tsutsumi is based in Oslo, Norway, where the two sisters were originally born and raised, and works full time on the blog while losing herself in artistic hobbies like photography and art appreciation in her free time. Alexandra is currently in Sydney, Australia, studying International Business and working on the blog in her spare time.

These two fabulous sisters have worked with a number of big-name brands and in addition to the blog, Giggles ‘N Dimples has a presence on Instagram—where it all started for them in the first place—and YouTube.

Alexandra recently posted a blog entry on Giggles ‘N Dimples about OROGOLD Cosmetics and her experience with several OROGOLD products. She used the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, 24k Dark Circle Solution, 24k Diamond Face Mask and the 24 Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum.

Alexandra was quite satisfied overall with her OROGOLD experience, and her favorite products from all that she tried were the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream, and the 24k Diamond Face Mask. She felt energized and refreshed afterwards, and her skin looked smooth and radiant. Alexandra recommended OROGOLD Cosmetics to anyone wanting to invest in quality skincare or get a lovely luxurious gift for their mom. 

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Lauren Australia reviews OROGOLD Products

Lauren Australia is run by Lauren who regularly blogs about food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She’s based in, as you might imagine, Australia. Sydney, Australia, to be more specific. 

Recently, Lauren posted a blog entry all about OROGOLD Cosmetics, which she’s been giving a trial run. She used the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, 24k Cell Renewal Night Cream, 24k Cleansing Kit and 24k Deep Peeling for some time and gaged the results.

Lauren quickly warmed up to the idea of using OROGOLD and described her overall experience as “nothing but great,” finding that everything left her feeling incredibly refreshed and her skin noticeably softer. She appreciated the tastefully light scents to the products, finding them pleasant and not overpowering. She also loved the fact that OROGOLD products tend to be so concentrated that she only needed a little at a time, making them last longer.

Lauren especially liked the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, and even ran a giveaway around the product on her blog. Lauren also tastefully accompanied her blog entry with several beautiful photographs of OROGOLD products, showcasing the rich, luxurious appearance of the products themselves and the chic, stylish packaging OROGOLD is known for.

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Lara Rose Style features OROGOLD Products

Lara Rose Style, often referred to as just LR, is Lara’s personal fashion, makeup, and lifestyle blog. She started the blog at the age of 17, and it gradually transformed from a girl’s fantasy to a way of life for Lara. Just as the blog has transformed over the years, it’s transformed her too, inspiring her to always seek greater heights and to share her passion with the world. It’s full of lifestyle, fashion, and beauty stories, inspiration galore, and it’s all complimented with stunning photography of Lara herself, places she’s been and products she’s used.

Lara recently reviewed OROGOLD Cosmetics, and described her daily skincare routine, stating that she finds these products to be great for her skin. Lara mentions using the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, 24k Deep Peeling, and the 24K Vitamin C Facial Booster.

She especially loves the 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, which she feels allows her skin to look thoroughly moisturized, making her feel revitalized and refreshed after each use. She uses the peel to slough off dead skin cells once a week and always feels completely revived afterwards. She calls the 24k Vitamin C Facial Booster Serum her “secret weapon” and uses it regularly, saying that even a tiny bit will brighten up her appearance and make her skin feel incredibly smooth. She also enjoys the lovely smell of citrus it provides. All in all, Lara seems very pleased with OROGOLD in her skincare routine.

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Chic Street Style reviews OROGOLD products

Brenna is a 20-something blogger, stylist, ring designer, and CEO of a company called Third & Loom, a high fashion clothing company. Chic Street Style is the blog that Brenna curates and writes where she works hard to make sure even the average person on a tight budget can have a stunning look that exclaims who they are and becomes their signature look. She believes firmly that no budget is too low for great fashion, and she attempts to show just that in her blog.

As you might imagine, anyone this invested in aesthetics is likely to understand the importance of good skincare. As it happens, Brenna is certainly no exception, and she recently made a blog post about how bad her skin was getting since moving to Seattle, and how she’d been trying OROGOLD products for a little while trying to help. She’d been dealing with oily skin in her T-zone and dry, flakey skin everywhere else. Since moving her pores clogged up and don’t seem to want to un-clog anytime in the next century at least.

Brenna started using the 24k Oil-Control Cleanser, 24k Multi-Vitamin Peeling, 24k Deep Day Moisturizer, and the 24k Termica Energizing Mask not too long ago in order to try and rectify these issues. She loved all four products, but she was especially ecstatic about the effects of the 24k Multi-Vitamin Peeling, which she found incredibly gentle yet unbelievably effective; for the first time since moving to Seattle, her pores were actually clear!

Brenna also fell in love with the 24k Energizing Mask, which she’s been using about twice a week. She found the warming effect quite luxurious and relaxing, and her hard-to-moisturize skin was consistently silky-soft since starting to use this product.


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