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AimeRose Blog Reviews the OROGOLD 24K Nano Collection

Aimerose is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog created and maintained by a young lady by the name of Rasa. Hailing from Lithuania, Rasa started her blog in high school, focusing on fashion and photography, her two biggest passions at the time which remain a huge part of her life. She’d been reading blogs on the subjects for ages, and finally decided she needed her own as a creative outlet, and thus, Aimerose was born. The blog has since grown from those humble roots into a style, beauty, and travel blog chronicling daily outfits, memoirs, and pretty much anything a beauty and lifestyle blog junkie could dream of.

Recently, Rasa wrote an article called Luxury Gift Giving with Orogold, a blog post dedicated to Rasa’s recent opportunity to try the OROGOLD 24k Nano Collection. Rasa has tried out several OROGOLD lines and products in the past and always loved them, so she jumped at the opportunity to try out and write about the 24k Nano Collection. The 24k Nano Collection comprises the 24k Nano Hydra-Silk Mask, 24k Nano Day Recovery, 24k Nano Night Recovery, and the 24km Nano Ultra Silk Serum. The Nano Collection is great for any anti-aging skin care routine and it features all the essentials of a good facial routine: a day cream, a night cream, a serum, and a mask.

Rasa not only loved this collection, but found these products to be the epitome of luxury. She highly recommends the 24k Nano Collection as a holiday gift for your loved one, or for yourself.

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A Piece of Elise reviews the OROGOLD 24k Nano Collection

A Piece of Elise is the personal blog and creative outlet of the Eponymous Elise, a Victoria, Canada native who, at age 18, left home on an adventure halfway across the world. This formative experience took her to Bangkok for five years, where she transformed from a naïve teenager to an adult with a healthy respect for the vastness of the world, and how little she really knew about it.

Once she graduated with a degree in marketing, she came back home to Canada to be near her family and to start her own business selling silk lounge-wear. A Piece of Elise is a creative outlet into which she channels her fashion obsession into something productive. You’ll find all kinds of content there, written in a very approachable style, on everything from skincare to makeup to travel and, of course, fashion.

Recently, Elise had the opportunity to try out some OROGOLD products, and wrote a blog post in A Piece of Elise all about her experience with them. Specifically, she tried out the 24k Nano Collection, which comprises the 24k Nano Hydra-Silk Mask, 24k Nano Day Recovery, 24k Nano Night Recovery, and the 24k Nano Ultra Silk Serum. 

Elise loved all of the products, saying she’s found some new favorites and intends to work them into her usual routine alongside other favorites. She described the chance to use the products as an “exciting skincare adventure,” and that they significantly reduced the look of inflammation and redness on her skin, two problems she struggles with. They did that in just two weeks, and Elise is excited to see what more they can do, given time.

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Melis from Fashion Mews reviews products from the OROGOLD 24K Nano Collection

The amusingly titled blog Fashion Mews is a labor of love by bloggers Melis and Abel. The name is actually intended as a tribute to their pet cat Ramen. Originally based in San Fransisco, and currently New York City, Fashion Mews is a visual diary-style full of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content, with lots of inspiration, photography, travel memoirs, and more, with a focus on edgy minimalist style blending street wear and high-end fashion.

Melis recently posted about her own personal skincare regimen in the summer, which contains two OROGOLD products, the 24k Nano Hydra Silk Mask and 24k Nano Day Recovery.

Melis considers herself “skincare obsessed,” an admirable quality as a beauty and fashion enthusiast. After all, what better accessory is there than a stunning complexion? Melis found that the 24k Nano Collection addressed all her personal skincare concerns, and feels not only incredibly moisturized after using the 24k Nano Day Recovery and 24k Nano Hydra Silk Mask, but has also noticed that the youthful glow she had in her younger years is back, giving her a truly radiant appearance.

Melis’ blog post also includes several beautifully done photographs that do a fantastic job showcasing the glamor and chic elegance of all OROGOLD products.

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Laurence Magaly reviews the OROGOLD 24K Nano Collection

Laurence Magaly is the personal fashion, beauty, and travel blog of Laurence Talet, a half French, half Dutch young lady who’s passionate about fashion, beauty, and travel, and finds inspiration on her many journeys. Her blog is chock full of her exciting travel experiences, thoughts on style and fashion, outfit ideas, and little life tidbits that make the blog sort of like a diary. If you’re interested in lifestyle blogs with a heaping helping of fashion, skincare, and travel content, Laurence Magaly might be worth a look.

Recently, Laurence wrote an article about OROGOLD cosmetics, calling it “her current favorite skincare brand.” She wrote an entire blog entry on OROGOLD’s 24K Nano Collection, in which she goes over each product in detail and gives her thoughts on the results.

Laurence reviewed the entire 24K Nano Collection, consisting of the 24k Nano Night Recovery, 24k Nano Day Recovery, 24k Nano Hydra Silk Mask, and the 24k Nano Ultra Silk Serum. She recently traveled to France, and her skin was feeling the effects of travel and weather changes (requiring extensive use of a heater when indoors, which of course dries out the skin), so she really needed some pampering, and she found it in OROGOLD.

After using the products for some time, she feels they’ve vastly improved her skin, and she especially appreciates that OROGOLD products tend to be concentrated, and a little goes a very long way, so they’ll last a good while. She also commented on the beautiful chic packaging the collection came in, which she says looks great on her dressing table. Laurence’s favorite product out of the collection was the 24k Nano Day Recovery, which she said gave her face a lovely, smooth base to do her makeup on top of and that it felt very comfortable on her skin.

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What Would V Wear reviews the OROGOLD Nano Collection

What Would V Wear is the personal beauty and fashion blog of the glamorous Vanessa Lambert, who was born and raised in Europe, and incorporates a breadth of influences and touches from the many different cultures and artistries she’s been exposed to over the course of her life. Vanessa is thoroughly fascinated with fashion, a passion she shares on her blog. What Would V Wear plays host to stunning photography and articulate, lovingly written blog entries on all things fashion and beauty.

Vanessa also happens to be an avid OROGOLD enthusiast and uses the OROGOLD 24k Nano Collection. Vanessa was vacationing in Aruba when she wrote the article on her skincare routine and explained that she believes that skincare should always be more than mere necessity; it should be a revitalizing ritual that makes you feel better. Vanessa finds OROGOLD to be great to this end.

She’s particularly fond of the 24k Nano Hydra Silk Mask, which she uses once a week, with only a small amount, and always finds her face hydrated and refreshed afterwards. The 24k Nano Day Recovery Cream serves her well when she’s about to go out for a hot beach day in the sun, when she needs to be sure her skin will stay hydrated and avoid looking tired and dull. The 24k Nano Night Recovery Cream and the 24k Nano Ultra Silk Serum also get Vanessa’s seal of approval, and she’s been using all of these products for awhile and quite enjoys the results.


AIMEROSE recommends the OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Collection

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AIMEROSE is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog created and maintained by a young lady by the name of Rasa. Hailing from Lithuania, Rasa...




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