What Would V Wear Reviews the OROGOLD 24K Termica Collection

What Would V Wear Reviews the OROGOLD 24K Termica Collection

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What Would V Wear reviews the OROGOLD Termica Collection

What Would V Wear is the personal beauty and fashion blog of the glamorous Vanessa Lambert, who was born and raised in Europe, and incorporates a breadth of influences and touches from the many different cultures and artistries she’s been exposed to over the course of her life. Vanessa is thoroughly fascinated with fashion, a passion she shares on her blog. What Would V Wear plays host to stunning photography and articulate, lovingly written blog entries on all things fashion and beauty.

Vanessa is also an enthusiastic OROGOLD user, and we’ve reported on her glowing feelings toward OROGOLD before, but as it happens, Vanessa has yet another blog entry on the OROGOLD brand, this time detailing her regular skincare routine (as opposed to her vacation use of the 24 Nano collection), which involves a host of OROGOLD products.

Vanessa has been using the OROGOLD 24k Termica Collection to help decrease the appearance of fine lines on her face, and finds her skin radiant and smooth as a result.

The uses the Termica Activation Serum every day and loves the feel of it on her skin. Following it up with a later of Termica Competion Cream and applying the Termica Energizing Mask once a month (she started with once a week at first), she finds the routine makes her skin unbelievably soft, smooth, and energized, giving yet another OROGOLD collection her seal of approval.


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