Whiskey and Lace Helps You Get Solid Gold Skin with OROGOLD Cosmetics

Whiskey and Lace reviews OROGOLD Cosmetics 24k Collagen Collection

Whiskey and Lace is the personal fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog of Erika Altes, a fashion enthusiast living with her family in Sonoma County. The name for the blog was inspired by Erika’s tendency to host parties in lacy, girly outfits, and it started as an outlet for her creativity energy, and since then it’s evolved into a big-time fashion career. Erika loves having Whiskey and Lace as a way to share her passions like party planning, fashion, travel, and of course motherhood, in the hopes of inspiring all of her readers to be the best that they can be.

Erika recently reviewed OROGOLD Cosmetics on Whiskey and Lace. Erika mentions a weekly routine that involved several OROGOLD products. Specifically, every Monday night, Erika uses the 24k Collagen Pre-Mask, then the 24k Collagen and Seaweed Mask, applying 24k Collagen Renewal Serum once the mask is removed, then 24k Collagen Renewal Cream and 24k Collagen Renewal Lip Balm. 

Erika is quite happy with her experience with OROGOLD Cosmetics, and quite enjoys her Monday evening routine. She says OROGOLD is her preferred brand to splurge on when she has some extra cash for beauty products, and she feels that the high-end ingredients in OROGOLD products have given her a youthful and glowing complexion.