With or Without Shoes Presents the OROGOLD 24K Collagen Collection  

With or Without Shoes reviews 24K Collagen Collection products from OROGOLD,

With or Without Shoes is a personal blog run by Veronica, a fashion blogger who loves sharing her passion for all things to do with beauty and fashion using this blog. This is where you can find everything about Veronica’s wardrobe, her favorite products, personal style and style inspirations. Famous for her obsession of leather pieces, specialty shoes, accessories and long hair, Veronica has already helped thousands of women around Spain discover their passion for fashion.

In an article titled “Orogold Cosmetics, La Marca De Cuidado Facial Favorita De Las Celebrities”, Veronica introduces her readers to OROGOLD Cosmetics and our 24K Collagen Collection. She defines our brand as a rage among Hollywood celebrities and talks about how gold has been used in the world of skin care since antiquity.

The first product that Veronica reviews is the 24K Collagen and Caviar Mask. She describes the mask one that is designed for weekly use and helps to restore skin volume and provide freshness to the skin. She says that the mask is very easy to use and it leaves the skin feeling juicy.

The next product that reviewed by Veronica is the 24K Collagen Renewal Serum. She describes the product as a serum for daily use that restores facial skin volume and reduces visibility of cracks and fine lines and confesses that she is in love with its gel texture.

The third product reviewed is the 24K Collagen Renewal Cream. Veronica describes this cream as an everyday moisturizer that contains gold, vitamin C and beta glucan which is light green in color and fairly consistent. She particularly loved the smell and says that the cream felt very soft and delicious. Veronica also reviews the 24K Collagen Night Renewal Cream. She says that this night cream has a soft texture and it leaves the skin feeling silky.

OROGOLD Cosmetics would like to thank Veronica for this delightful review of our 24K Collagen Collection on her blog. All four products of our Collagen Collection have been designed to complement each other and usually offer the best results when used together .

Veronica confesses that has been using our products for 2 weeks and says that her skin feels better looking, more juicy and hydrated. We hope that these products inspire similar results in your skin care regimen.