Yukova Blog Presents the Best Ways to Relax After a Stressful Day

Yukova Blog presents the best ways to relax after a stressful day

Yukova is a fashion and beauty blog created and maintained by Yuliya Oleynykova, who was so enthralled by fashion from a young age that she made outfits for her dolls with a toy sewing machine as a child. She also greatly enjoys travel, and thus, you’ll find a whole lot of lifestyle, travel, skincare, makeup, and fashion content on Yukova Blog.

Recently, Yuliya dedicated a post to relaxation and de-stressing after a long day. She talked about a lot of things, like taking some time to enjoy the outdoors, a hike through a wilderness trail or a relaxing afternoon or evening in a park. She also mentioned the value of taking a nice, relaxing bath, and making a nice meal for yourself. Notably, she suggested a luxurious skincare regimen, and the example she used involved five different OROGOLD products.

Yuliya discussed her use of OROGOLD’s 24k Mousse Cleanser after using a makeup remover, to clean her skin, removing anything leftover form the makeup cleanse, and purging dirt and other contaminants. After this, she likes to use the 24k Purifying Toner to get rid of any excess oil. Naturally, after this, the skin needs some pampering, and Yuliya’s go to is the 24k Deep Moisturizer, which she finds so luxurious that it makes her feel like a goddess.

Finally, she uses 24k Classic Body Scrub and 24k Aromatherapy Body Oil to clean the skin on the rest of her body. She’s incredibly satisfied with the results she sees from using OROGOLD products, and talks all about her experience in her blog.